Stamping VS Painting

Hi friends! Have you ever looked at the mess on your craft table after a stamping session and wondered if there was a quicker way? Well, I did so today I am going to see if I can stamp or paint a card faster!

To be fair I chose my ink and cut masks before I started stamping because if I had used these stamps before I would have already cut the masks and have a good idea on what inks work well. I wanted to put hands on time against hands on time.

What do you think will be faster? Have a guess and then watch the video!

Supplies (affilate links used)

So, were you surprised? I still like both methods for creating card and this was a fun experiment! I hope you liked this bit of fun and til next time Happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Stamping VS Painting

  1. Thanks really enjoyed your video I have to start water coloring cards more it’s hard to find rubber stamps now

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    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Just watched your video.
      Thanks, now I see why painting is faster; YOUR painting is great and just the scene I need to paint now that fall weather is here.
      Take care.
      Linda H.


  2. I was SURE you’d be quicker at painting and wasn’t surprised I was right. I think the painted version is nicer too. Of course if you had to make 50 cards …. , would they get looser and better or sloppier gradually?
    Sometimes when I want to print a picture on my printer and literally every single bit of hardware starts acting up I feel like it would be FAR quicker to just PAINT the stupid picture and get it done and over with!


  3. Painting because there are less supplies and you can just sit down and do it. With stamping, I know I take a long time to make decisions. IMO. Now to watch!


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