Pumpkin Spice Hair {Sat Chat}

Hi freinds! FYI every Saturday since the pandemic started I have uploaded a sat chat on YouTube. I don’t always pot it on my blog because often I chat about nothing for 27 minutes so if you are interested in any you missed that can be found on my YouTube channel. I hear they are nice to listen to while you do chores LOL!

Stuff I mentioned:

One more thing I wanted to remind you of is Craftworld! It’s a free site with thousands of free papercrafting projects and classes. You can see the marker class I did last week on my expert page at Craftworld. It’s kinda like Pinterst meets Facebook without any drama. I’d love to see you there! That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Hair {Sat Chat}

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Hope you and your family are well and safe.
    You always look awesome (not kidding) with whatever hair colour or style you may have.
    Sending belated Birthday wishes to your daughters.
    It can some times be difficult to decide who to invite to a function or how many guests to invite to a function (Don’t fret!!).
    Thank you so much for your inspiration, ideas, etc. for painting, stamping, etc. I am making Halloween and Thanksgiving cards for my Church Seniors group and your suggestions and ideas have been a tremendous help to me; THANK YOU!
    To you and your family, stay healthy and safe. Take care.
    God bless.
    Linda H..


    1. Hi Lindsay,
      P.S. Our dog was sprayed by a skunk two weeks ago and we used a product called “Skunks Off” to help get rid of most of the smell. It does a great job.
      Take care.
      Linda H.


  2. Absolute love you hair!!!! The color looks so good on you and compliments your eyes!!! Love watching you paint and have learned so much. Contemplating taking some of your classes . Keep up your wonderful attitude and gorgeous painting!!


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