This Misty Forest is a Fan Favorite on YouTube!

Hi friends! I have got more comments on this tutorial than any in recent memory!

It’s easy to paint too! I hope you give it a try:)

Supplies: (Affiliate links used)

That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “This Misty Forest is a Fan Favorite on YouTube!

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Beautiful painting. Thanks for showing us how to paint it. You are such an incredible artist!
    To you and your family, stay healthy and safe.
    God bless. Take care.
    Linda H.


  2. I painted it today and my husband was shocked at how much he liked it. A friend asked if I could do a very large one for her. (I told her no, not yet anyway.). My artistic daughter told me I’m an artist (she rarely compliments my art work.). So thank you, you helped me a lot.


  3. I have been watching you tutorials and taking your classes for years now…Pretty much like all you do but this is the best (in my mind) yet…I found it easier to follow…maybe the difference is that all the bad painting gets covered with the next layer like you said you can’t mess it up
    Thanks for all you do


  4. Hi, Lindsay. Love watching you on youTube.
    I am new to watercolour. I purchased expensive paper and love it, BUT I would rather practice on less expensive paper that is still good and does not wrinkle/warp when wet. What are my options? Do I just need to tape all watercolour paper down because it all warps????
    Kind regards,


    1. I recommend taping it down, it keeps it flat and leaves an attractive border:) How about a watercolor sketchbook for practice? I like the cloth bought arteza watercolor sketchbooks. It’s only 90# so it will warp a bit but for practice it’s great! Another idea is to use the 100% cotton watercolor cards I used here, the quality is great and the price is pretty low and you could make a sketchbook with them:


  5. I thought this was a striking pic so I watched your video. I love seeing the process. Looked simple enough. Almost makes me think I could do it. Thanks, Lindsey


  6. Haven’t practiced or done art in weeks. I’ve been busy with yard work, cooking and reading, however this one really grabs me. My gouache arrives tomorrow, and I’m definitely going to paint this. I love it! Also your hairdo. 😊 I think, without the leaves….just for simplicity, this would make a beautiful sympathy card. As always, your enthusiasm makes me smile.

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