Alcohol Marker Sunsets (and a great marker deal!)

Hi friends! I wanted to challenge myself to draw waves and skies in alcohol marker because I never seem to draw scenery in marker. I think because you end up needing to use large swaths of color and blending and those two techniques are not suited to alcohol markers over larger areas…or are they?

I ended up drawing 2 pictures today because I learned a lot on the first sketch and I wanted to keep going and push myself on the second on to really get the water look I wanted.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse and get some good tips and inspiration for your next marker project!

This video is sponsored by Bianyo! They are running big sales on the 168 set of markers. All sale information and coupon codes were provided to me in good faith by Bianyo to advertise these markers. Sale dates and times are provided in pacific time (PDT) used, convert to your time zone. Times reflect the early access for Amazon Prime members, nonmembers get access to the deals 30 minutes later. Offer good while supplies last.

That’s all for today! I thought it was going to rain but it turns out that it will be sunny so I think we will go out and take advantage of the tail end of summer in Maine! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and til next time happy crafting!