Just because it ain’t quick doesn’t mean it can’t be easy!

Hi friends! I’m always a bit disappointed when I set out to make a “quick and easy” tutorial for YouTube but it turns into a “long and easy” one. The reason this bothers me is that I know seeing the length of the video will discourage some people from trying it because they think it will take too long or be too hard. However if I was to edit a 40 minute tutorial down to an approachable 15 minutes it really wouldn’t be fair to those who watch my videos to learn. They might think that something was wrong with them if they couldn’t make the same painting in 15 minutes not knowing it took me 45.

In today’s instant gratification society it’s hard to educate and entertain. I get that people want a beautiful project that takes 10 minutes or less, and those are fun, don’t get me wrong but some things take longer to explain. So, if you have the better part of an hour and the desire to learn and relax while painting a serene landscape than this is the project for you. If not, that’s OK too, I have lots of shorter watercolor videos as well on my YouTube channel.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Paper: Canson Heritage 9”x12” CP pad (cut to 6”x12”) *A great Arches alternative
  • Watercolors: I am using the Mission Gold Perfect Pan set of 24 but I also have their tube paints and like them. I like the palette except for the fact that half of the pans are on the lid so when you close it half of the paint is upside down and the paint can ooze if you live in a humid location. I’d recommend their tubes if that is your situation. Colors: Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Green, Yellow ochre, Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson (any brand is fine to use for this tutorial)
  • Brushes: Creative Mark Mimik Value Set
  • Reference photo

And for those of you who actually want more in-depth watercolor training you might enjoy my Watercolor Landscape Workshop. I designed this glass to teach students how to paint beautiful watercolor landscapes and break complex scenes down into their parts so it won’t be so overwhelming. We also spend some time on my favorite landscape element: rocks! If you want to learn to paint landscapes with confidence I hope you will check out Watercolor Landscape Workshop! Thanks for spending some of your day with me today and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. You have so many wonderful videos where there may be a lovey flower or another thing that can be painted faster, but to do this scene we could not get it done in 15:00 minutes. You are so right in saying it is only fair to show us your entire process! And besides it’s a pleasure to watch you paint and listen to your explanations!


  2. I could watch you paint and draw all day long. Just like Bob Ross, it’s happy trees and happy times to relax and paint. Thanks for a beautiful watercolor.


  3. I am looking forward to painting this during the weekend. I just hope mine comes out just as beautiful 😊


  4. I am looking so forward to doing this. Love learning watercolor.Thank you for sharing your skills. Gwen Gordon – email:  gwen.gordon@yahoo.com – call:  530-272-4841 – text:  530-913-9161


  5. Beautiful!! And, I dont mind at all if your tutorials are longer, more to learn from!!


  6. Anyone who complains about the length of your wonderful and amazing videos should go make a sandwich and come back later. You have so many loving fans, not just because of what you teach, but who you are.


  7. Nice painting, it looks like a really beautiful scene.


  8. Lindsay, I have learned a lot from your watercolor videos and am new using water mixable oils. I painted your sheep and then tried the boats in water in Italy. I was excited that it was a long video. But was disappointed that you didn’t describe what you were doing regarding mixing colors, what brushes you were using etc. I stopped and started this several times and became frustrated as you chatted about other things, which was nice, but didn’t help me with trying to learn what you were doing. I finally gave up and haven’t finished the painting. I would Iike to take one of your workshops but hope you talk about how you are painting as you go along. Will you be doing any more videos with the water mixable paints? They are fun to use, but I really need the guidance of an artist like you! Glad I found you!


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