A Fast & Easy Water Lily Watercolor!

Hi friends! Let’s relax, unwind and paint a quick loose watercolor!

Watch the video and follow along!


  • My travel palette is the portable painter classic
  • Colors for this project: Quin Rose, Ultramarine, Cobalt teal, Serpentine, Hookers green, Burnt sienna, gamboge (I keep warm/cool versions of each primary plus yellow ocher, BS and Diox Violet and cobalt Turquoise/teal in my palette, but you can put in whatever you prefer)
  • Mimik #12 round (on Amazon the best deal is this set as costs $20 on its own)

If you liked this lesson then you will love my Watercolor Flower Workshop! It’s loaded with tons of loose floral tutorials that you can combine for infinite bouquets, wreaths and swags. Click here for more info!

Just a heads up, I will be having a live-stream tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern Time. We will be painting an old fashioned railroad lantern perfume bottle in watercolor. I’ll have an exciting announcement too! Here is the link to the location on YouTube in case you want to set a reminder! Happy crafting!

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