Portable Painter Micro Review

Today we will have a look at the latest offering from The Portable Painter, the Portable Painter Micro!

The original portable painter is my favorite travel palette. I love everything about it and it accompanies me on all of my outdoor painting adventures. The main reason I love it is because there are two water buckets that attach to the sides making legs for my palette that can keep my paint up high off a sandy beach, or can rest on the arm of an Adirondack chair or rest on my leg as I paint from a Kayak or canoe. You can see the original in the photo below.

This is the original I recommend 100% The Micro is much smaller and comes with 6 half pans that you can fill with the paint of your choosing. They also make packs of extra half and full pans so you can have 1 full pan and 4 half pans or 2 full pans and two half pans is it works out better than having the original 6 for you. The extras are also handy if you want to swap out pans and rearrange them. All other half and full pans I tried from other manufactures fit in the micro palette so purchasing the extras from a portable painter aren’t necessary and that also means that if you have a collection of pans already you can put them in the micro as you like. No need to fill more pans, nice! The palette can be arranged for left or right-hand use. Watch the video to see more!

For me holding the palette with water in it will take some getting used to, I prefer it to sit on a table and it takes so little space it would be great for painting in crowded cafes or classes (on small projects.) I found as I used it more I preferred to use it with a waterbrush and use the water area as a place to mic or clean my waterbrush, I think putting a small sponge in that section would work better (with a waterbrush) then filling it with water. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. I have a little portable kit from Koi that I purchased when I first started working in watercolor. I bought it just because it had a good selection of colors and it was inexpensive. I love how compact and useful the little travel pallet is but I can’t honestly see myself painting on the spot like that. I’m a bit too uptight! šŸ™‚ I certainly admire your ability to paint from life and the results.

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  2. I have something similar to your original palette that I picked up at a thrift store. It is great for traveling. But, like Nancy above, I usually don’t paint on the spot. If anything, I will draw, take pictures, then paint when home.


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