What the heck are phosphorescent watercolors?

Hi friends! I saw an intriguing new set of watercolor by Paul Rubens and I had to give them a try. They were labeled as phosphorescent. I think of phosphorescent as glowing under uv or blacklight but that is not the case here. Watch my video review to get the scoop and find out if they are worth adding to your collection.

Overview: This set costs around $60 at the time of review. You get 24 extremely transparent colors (more transparent than their original pans) in a heavy metal enameled tin. You can choose between pink or navy for the exterior color but the paint colors are the same in each. You can check them out here. (affiliate link) and if you scroll down you can see the colors in the set with pigment names which is handy because the print on the packaging is so tiny. Also, I noticed a typo on the printed swatch that came in the kit so I would refer to the info on the listing for accurate info.


  • Low(ish) price, they run about $20 more than the original Paul Rubens 24 half pans but the palette is nicer
  • Wonderful vivid colors with a few unusual colors not typically found in sets.
  • Good mixing range
  • Subtle shimmer in all colors with the blues having the greatest glitter effect.


  • The glitter is very subtle in this paint so if you want an opaque shine you will want their original glitter metallic paint
  • This paint will not show up well on black

Bottom line: I like these paints. They are more like a traditional watercolor than a metallic as they only have a hint of mica in them. They mix well and are a pleasure to work with. I recommend them as long as you don’t need a really metallic paint. If you want to see another review of this product check out Kimberly Crick Art’s review. It’s always good to get a couple of opinions before investing n a new product I think:) Happy crafting!

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  1. Are they light fast


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