Weekly Chat & Bears in the ‘hood

Hi friends! No too much excitement here this week expect there have been many black bear sightings in my neighborhood! We had a large bag of birdseed taken from out porch and eaten near our woods. I don’t think a squirrel could have carried it off so I presume it was our friendly local bear. I did manage to get my “play art desk: set up in the corner of out new addition and it is so nice to sit here and paint for fun in a sketchbook with a simple set of watercolors. I decided I need some non-work art in my life. Also they sketchbook will be nice to mine ideas from for future tutorials.

I’ll catch you up with everything else in this weeks Sat chat!

That’s it for me today. The Pelican artwork I shared is up in critique club now. I have quite a lot on my plate this week so hopefully I’ll have something intersting to share next time. Happy crafting!

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