A quick acrylic painting of green onions…

I though this jam jar or green onions growing on my window sill looked sweet so I decided to paint it!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Try and find some beauty in your world today, even if it is simple and ordinary. Sometimes it’s the best kind. Happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. I like the pink wall and the gray table contrasting the green onions! Far better than the way I used to use red to make the green look greener.

    When I saw the this on YouTube I first thought you were painting two paintings: the one more realistic on the left side and on the rightside the abstract version. I gazed at the right version for a while before starting the video and thought: “Hmmm, actually, I can SEE those onions and don’t even need a title to know they are there!”
    Then I watched the video ….

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  2. Wonderful, as always! x


  3. the paint is beautiful. That is the art right there!


  4. This is a lovely little painting. Thanks for all the tips – especially about drawing with a watercolour pencil. I shall definitely try this.


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