Another Week in Lock-down, at least we have art supplies.

Hi friends! Here is my weekly update…

Here is the info on Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) closing down. Make sure if you are a subscriber you take advantage of the service while it is available (they will issue prorated refunds.) Also if you bought classes or patterns make sure you watch the classes and download copies of the patterns. Hopefully, they figure out a way for people to download their paid for classes. I hate it when a big company take over and ruins a great thing:(

Let me assure you that everything is fine in my online school:) Here is my online school if you are looking for classes, thanks!

The stamp set I used in the fathers day card is called Silly Walks by Technique Junkies. the background dancing feet are from Papertry ink and it’s on sale for $3!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Enjoy your videos. Been watching for years I’ve learned a lot and supplies love your videos

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  2. I love your stuff!!!! Your pictures from your craft room make me so happy just seeing it ! Where do you like to get your copic markers??



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  3. Lindsay,

    Very sad about blueprint. Makes no sense, craftsy was pretty great. I found myself not being able to use UTube because of some kind of change to the programming effective May 31st. Part of it has to do with Apple because for some reason I need an Apple computer to update my IPad, (if I had an Apple Computer I wouldn’t need an IPad) but their support stores has been closed since the shutdown. So now I am in lock-down & no way to even enjoy your very upbeat content ( fireside chats).

    Even though our area is starting to open up businesses, it feels more dangerous because, I’ve seen people being just too casual, and this weekend the protesters & fires & looting and apparently teenagers ??? Where are the parents ?? Oh my more than one pandemic going on.

    Wish I could have viewed you today, your blouse is so flattering on you. Now I have to see if I can find your blog.

    Stay safe.


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    • Hi Dena, you are writing on my blog. I wonder why youtube isn’t working, I know google who owns youtube is a rival of apple but they really need to communicate. I think you probably need to do an update and it will work. I hope anyway. Take care:)


  4. I agree that it stinks about Bluprint closing. They ruined it when they changed it from Craftsy. I have a bunch of “forever” classes, most I haven’t gotten to watch yet. They were supposed to be reference for knitting techniques etc. It really stinks that they can do this and possibly leave us without a way to watch them.


  5. I am going to miss Bluprint. Watching the classes and other on-line content has been my daily habit for the past year, once I decided that I needed to learn how to quilt. The instructors have inspired me to create some beautiful fiber objects.


  6. Definitely go with the aqua roadster. It’s a fun tropical color. Can’t believe your weather. I’m envious. You are 300 miles north from me and it’s still in the 40’s at night here.

    Really sad about the Heirloom show. It’s the only New England appearance of several of my favorite vendors. I’ve been checking every day, but am rapidly losing hope. I’ve placed an order with one vendor already, but it’s nice to see things in person, especially paper, which I usually purchase in large quantities. The venue is nice too. I like walking around Storrowton village. I love all the classes (especially yours) and the demonstrations are very helpful. I feel bad for Heirloom productions too. They seem to be very nice people. I hope that all these companies survive.


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