It’s going to be a beachy day!

Hi friends! This weeks has gone from highs in the low 50s to the 80s! Only in Maine folks. As someone who is always cold I couldn’t be happier and plan to takeout the the kayak or paddle-board this afternoon at peak heat. I am sure the pond is ice-water-cold but I will gladly stay above it and soak up some sun! The weather man says we have 2 good days before we are plunged back into reality and I plan to enjoy them!

Today we are going to paint a peaceful, easy beachscape. Use any paint you have and join me!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you find some joy in your day. I have been rather stressed out this week so hopefully I can get out on the water and unwind today! Happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. You say “only in Maine” – we get the same here in Idaho. We can have all four seasons in one day plus a couple others! BTW, loved the artwork.


  2. It is odd to think you can just decide to go to the beach, aren’t you restricted? It seems sooooo long ago that we could leave the house for anything other than necessary journeys. Enjoy!


    • We can because it is very rural where we live and if you can take out a boat you won’t be near anyone. Boating, fishing and hiking are all allowed and encouraged here. I use the term “beach” loosely, it’s not like the busy beaches down south.


  3. It’s amazing how adding the grasses in the foreground adds a lot of depth to the water and sky…..the horizon seems much further away. Thanks!


  4. Montana weather is also weird! 85 on Tuesday, hail storm at one a.m. , cloudy and cool yesterday, rain in the afternoon, pleasant today, 50s coming for the weekend.


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