Brushes & Bread-Weekly Fireside Chat

Hi friends! Here we are on the 87th of March, it’s a beautiful Blursday. How are you holding up? I’m doing fine, let’s chit chat!

I thought I’d share a few bread pics. It’s quite a thrill to see how each one turns out!

I used the starter recipe from Kitchn, it was the simplest, quickest and I had everything I needed. I’m not fancy as you know. Scroll to the end of the sourdough starter recipe for the bread recipes.

I never realized how dull my bread knife was until I had to cut these thick crusted sourdough loaves.

It’s like magic. How does this make bread and not paste? I am in awe.

I brushed these with olive oil, garlic, salt and “everything” bagel topping. It was tasty but obscured by slicing design which as a bummer.

After this last loaf I stuck my starter in the fridge because I was feeling like sourdough was taking over my life. I never did have to throw away any starter tho, on one “non loaf day” I made scallion pancakes with the discard and one day I just made a sourdough discard pancake and put peanut butter and sugar-free jam on it. Both were so delicious and so light and fluffy! As a dietary vegan any pancakes I’ve ever made have been heavy so I usually don’t bother but pour off the starter you’d toss on a hot oiled pan and it is the perfect vegan pancake and no waste! After the scallion pancake (you pour off the starter you would throw away at feeding on to a hot oiled pan and sprinkle on sliced green onions, sesame seeds and salt, wait for it to bubble a bit, flip it, cook a couple more minutes and eat!) I decided to see if I could keep my green onions growing so I plopped them root down in a mason jar with 2″ of water in it. We’ll see how that goes but if I don’t have to buy them every week I can literately save dollars by the end of the year LOL! I’m practically a homesteader now. They look cute in the mason jar too, I think I feel another quarantine still life coming on. I was thinking I might like to try wine making next. Happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. The scallions will grow in the water. I also do that with Romaine lettuce. Just put the. Core with a few leaves left at the core and it’s will grow


  2. How about the bread as a still life? It looks yummy!!


  3. Now that you’re a bread artisan, make sure you have a great bread knife! Cook’s Illustrated’s best knife is just $15 now at Amazon.


  4. That bread looks awesome. I want to get out the butter and jam and eat some right now. Hope it’s as good as it looks!


  5. Lol!! Wine…? Whisky…? Cider…? I chose ginger beer. It was fun, good, and loaded with carbs, so that’s the end of that, but it was a good experiment. When I wanted to make my sourdough loaf my starter wasn’t quite ready, & when it was ready, I wasn’t… so back to the fridge for a time. It’s good to be creative. Positive outcome of Covid-19


  6. yum and now I’ll go have an orange. I really want some bread though.


  7. After nearly breaking knives and/or cutting off a finger, I found that a bit of vegetable oil added with the liquid makes the bread easier to cut. It still is crunchy and toasts up nice and crispy.


  8. Hello! My college age grandson is home and wanted to try to make a sourdough starter. I chose the thekitchn for much the same reasons that you mentioned. We haven’t made any loaves that are as gorgeous as the one you showed in your video, but nothing has gone to waste. We’re learning lots and having fun doing it! Thanks for all the information, instruction and inspiration!


  9. Your bread looks so delicious!


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