Brushes & Bread-Weekly Fireside Chat

Hi friends! Here we are on the 87th of March, it’s a beautiful Blursday. How are you holding up? I’m doing fine, let’s chit chat!

I thought I’d share a few bread pics. It’s quite a thrill to see how each one turns out!

I used the starter recipe from Kitchn, it was the simplest, quickest and I had everything I needed. I’m not fancy as you know. Scroll to the end of the sourdough starter recipe for the bread recipes.

I never realized how dull my bread knife was until I had to cut these thick crusted sourdough loaves.

It’s like magic. How does this make bread and not paste? I am in awe.

I brushed these with olive oil, garlic, salt and “everything” bagel topping. It was tasty but obscured by slicing design which as a bummer.

After this last loaf I stuck my starter in the fridge because I was feeling like sourdough was taking over my life. I never did have to throw away any starter tho, on one “non loaf day” I made scallion pancakes with the discard and one day I just made a sourdough discard pancake and put peanut butter and sugar-free jam on it. Both were so delicious and so light and fluffy! As a dietary vegan any pancakes I’ve ever made have been heavy so I usually don’t bother but pour off the starter you’d toss on a hot oiled pan and it is the perfect vegan pancake and no waste! After the scallion pancake (you pour off the starter you would throw away at feeding on to a hot oiled pan and sprinkle on sliced green onions, sesame seeds and salt, wait for it to bubble a bit, flip it, cook a couple more minutes and eat!) I decided to see if I could keep my green onions growing so I plopped them root down in a mason jar with 2″ of water in it. We’ll see how that goes but if I don’t have to buy them every week I can literately save dollars by the end of the year LOL! I’m practically a homesteader now. They look cute in the mason jar too, I think I feel another quarantine still life coming on. I was thinking I might like to try wine making next. Happy crafting!