Quarantine Still Life: Making Lemonade

Hi friends! For this weeks Sketchbook Sunday (or apparently random art time-lapse) I have a still life I painted from stuff I had at home. This is the latest in my Quarantine Still Life series.

“waiting for Lemonade” 8″x10″ by Lindsay Weirich

I really enjoyed painting this, while painting this I binge watched Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Great show! It took me 3 hours to paint, it probably would have taken half that amount of time if I was not distracted by listening to the show but it was a fully enjoyable experience so I have no regrets! My daughter Maizy likes this painting so much she wants to hang it in her room, that’s pretty cool I think! Here’s the video!

Supplies can be found in my signature kit at Jerry’s Artarama! Feel free to use any supplies you have on hand. This painting would be easiest in oils or gouache but acrylics would be fine too, I would recommend Open acrylics or a slow-drying medium tho. Below is a photo I tool of the still life.

Photo by Lindsay Weirich

I hope you are having a nice weekend! And remember when life gives you lemons, paint them! Happy crafting!

8″x10″ oil painting by Lindsay Weirich