Storage for my ceramic palettes using recycled materials

Hi friends! I love using cute white ceramic palettes for mixing inks and watercolors but I often forget to use them (or buy more cuz they are cute) because I store them safely on the other side of my art room on a shelf. I decided to make a storage insert for my storage cubes on my desk so I could safely store them all within reach. See how in today’s video!

I used 3 flat UPS cardboard boxes for this, a craft knife and duct tape. I couldn’t be easier and it works so well! I hope it inspires you to make some crafty storage too. Happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Storage for my ceramic palettes using recycled materials

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Hope you and your family are keeping well and safe.
    Thank you so much for your great idea. I also have ceramic plates and they are stacked one on top of the other. Your idea is perfect and I am going to do it so I can keep my ceramic plates safe.
    Thank you!!!
    Stay healthy and stay safe.
    Take care. God bless.
    Linda H


  2. Awesome idea. I need to do this.. I agree that they can be addicting and I like this cheap idea for storing. Now I just need to order stuff to get the cute boxes.. LOL.. I like the tape idea cause that would make it sturdy and colorful. Thanks, I always love seeing your ideas.


  3. Where on earth do you buy these cheapily, I find them quite costly.. Would love one but they are quite expensive to buy just randomly just for the reason I like them hehe


    1. I have had luck at amazon and cheap joes art stuff online or dollar tree for the mermaid tails and feather one. The big leaf is from dollarama


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