Paint a Pepper!

Hi friends! This is the latest in my Quarantine still life series…

In today’s video I’ll share some tips with water mixable oil paints as I demonstrate how to paint this pepper.

The paints and brushes I used can be found in my new signature set from Jerry’s Artarama! These techniques can also be applied to traditional oils or gouache, and if you work fast enough, acrylics so use what you have and paint along! Below is the reference photo.

I recommend taking a reference photo when painting food or flowers that may deteriorate before you finish the painting. I took the photo above with my cellphone. You don’t need anything fancy.

I am so pleased with the way this painting turned out and it was fun to paint too. I hope you are safe and healthy and til next time happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. My set just came this week. Excited to try this one.


  2. Wow! I love this!


  3. Enjoyable video. Thanks for helping us through this. I hope it’s mutual.


  4. Hi Lindsey,I really enjoy your videos and your  enthusiasm in them.  You have given so much info and good tips on painting.  Your knowledge of painting is huge. I have an observation that I have noticed frequently, just my opinion tho.  Your pieces are usually fun and full of color.  Love it.  In this piece, many of the white highlights are not seen in the photo reference and are distracting from the rest of the piece.  You have a tendency to keep working past the point the piece is finished.  Just a thought. I hate to leave a negative comment because I love following you and watching your videos.  I think it is easy to give positive comments and I have thought long and hard before leaving this comment.   Just something for thought. Henry Rodriguez

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