Happy Poppy Friendship Cards!

Hi friends! I made and sent this batch of cheerful cards last week and by now they should all be to the recipients so I can share them with you! I have been missing my friends and family terribly these past 3 weeks in isolation so I sent them cards.

This is a “Use what you have!” card. Use mine as an example and raid your stash for similar products, it’s kinda like cleaning the fridge or making chili for dinner. It will be more special because it is personal! Let’s create!

Supplies (Affilate links used)

I hope you are getting crafty today! Happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Happy Poppy Friendship Cards!

  1. I always love your multimedia card videos! I work in health care and I have been a bit too exhausted to craft lately, but watching you make something so pretty and supportive is so uplifting.Thanks for sharing

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  2. I am new to watercolor. I have some experience with acrylic. I am not good at drawing but I am pretty good at tracing!😉 I am wanting to learn about watercolor. Where do you suggest I start? I am looking at your watercolor essentials class and your watercolor flower class on teachable.


    1. I’d start with Essential Tools & Techniques for Watercolor, it is a foundation class so get you started off on the right foot no matter what subjects you like to paint. We do a landscape, still like and 2 flowers in this class in addition to fundamentals.

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  3. I had been trying to send out cards to my extended family each week and had been stressing about coming up with a different card for each of them. I saw this and the light dawned on Marblehead (you need to be from MA to get this) and I realized that I could send everyone the same basic card. I’ve just finished my third batch of cards, and everyone is thrilled to be getting some fun snail mail each week.

    I’ve also been concentrating on using what I’ve got. I have stamps and dies purchased a year ago that have never been used, not to mention paper pads that I’ve passed over in the past because I didn’t want to “waste” them. It’s keeping me busy and keeping me sane. Especially on those lovely spring days that I wake up to snow on the car!

    Thank you for being a bright spot in these scary days.

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    1. I just dug into my scrap paper bin and started making up serendipity squares to use on cards, there will be a tutorial cuz we all have scraps!


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