Cheerful Cherries!

Hello friends! For this weeks time-lapse I’m sharing a painting I did about a month or more ago, it was the first time I tried Golden Open Acrylics. They are a slow drying acrylic paint that I had been wanting to try for a while.

I have actually done quite a bit of experimenting with this paint since I recorded this and I really like these paints. I will have a review on these tomorrow on YouTube, and soon here on the blog, but for now enjoy this quick video. Feel free to recreate this in oils, gouache or even regular acrylics if you don’t have the paints I used.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Usually on Sunday I share a painting or drawing in my sketchbook for Sketchbook Sunday and I have been painting but my two most recent paintings done have been oils and I couldn’t get a good photo as they are still wet but I will be sharing those shortly. I found oil painting to be very meditative and relaxing these days. And also bread making. I have a pan of cinnamon rolls rising right now! What creative things have you been working on? I believe we need these creative outlets now more than ever. Pick up a guitar, a paintbrush or a skein of yarn and enjoy the slow and quiet joy of being creative. Til next time happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. Beautiful, Lindsay!
    (Actually started to feel hungry, looking at them, LOL!)

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  2. Looks awesome!! I love your videos and look forward to see what you post next. I am not a painter but would like to be. You asked what creative things we have been working on. I have been expanded one of my flower beds and planting some new iris’s (love your iris paintings also). Please keep posting videos, they are inspiring! Thanks!

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  3. I been working through the stack of things that have backed up and I want to paint over the past few years and am knocking out roughly 3 paintings a week ………at present doing a Maureen McNaughton pattern from a back issue of The Decorative Painter Issue No 1 – 2013 Tulipa, earlier in the week Geraniums against a brick wall by Will Kemp and prior to that the Peggy Harris free pattern with ducklings and frogs splashing in a pond……… all painted in DecoArt Americana Acrylic paints

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  4. great cherry painting, thanks

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  5. Nice painting of cherries, I really find your reds to be really rich.

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