Serene Watercolor…

Hi friends! What a week! I actually tried to blog some projects earlier this week but my blog kept crashing. I’ll catch up sometime but for now I thought I post a relaxing watercolor tutorial.

Watch the video and follow along!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

How are you doing? I feel adrift this week with everything going on in the world. Art is so important during these times because you can turn off the worry side of your brain and get lost in the flow of creativity. If you are having trouble relaxing and getting started just pick up a pencil, brush or crayon and start drawing. Maybe swatch a supply or organize your supplies while listening to music or an audio book. If you have kids at home you can make a coffee table craft kit so you can create together while watching a happy movie. These times can be special if we use the time to be creative and spend time with the people we love. Take care and happy crafting.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Thank you for painting and sharing your beautiful and relaxing painting with us.
    Your words of being creative are very thoughtful and caring during this very worrisome time; thank you!
    I wish you and your family that you will remain healthy and safe.
    God bless.
    Take care.
    Linda H.

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  2. Thank for this relaxing project! I’m isolated in my room and away from my family while I await my test results and I really needed this!
    Marcy C.

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  3. Beautiful! I feel so grateful that I have crafty supplies and interests to keep me distracted and busy in these worrying times. We can keep our spirits up. Take good care xx

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