A Silly Bit of Fun (Much Needed These Days…)

Hi friends! I know many of you are at home waiting out the Covid 19 scare. My kids school is closed and it is all very surreal. This winter I have been sharing a few storage videos and I figured if you are stuck at home with nothing to do you might want to tackle a few areas of your craft storage. I had several people ask me how I stored my large pegstamp collection so that is what we are going to look at today.

I hope this blog post finds you well. I don’t have much to offer the world at a time like this except a happy distraction so here it is. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and til next time happy crafting.

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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Thanks for showing us how you store your peg stamps. My…. you have a lot of peg stamps.
    I noticed you had a mixed box of peg stamps. Suggestion, when you have time, you could sort them in such a manner that flower peg stamps would be together, animal stamps would be together, etc..; hope this is helpful for you.
    Keep healthy and safe. Take care.
    God bless you and your family.
    Linda H.


  2. Your happy distraction is very much appreciated! Stay well!


  3. Lindsay, its beyond crazy out there. I already commented on YT but I just want to thank you again for this bit of silliness that lets us forget the hoarders and shortages. At this rate, we’re all going to be vegan, whether we planned to or not! Seriously, I’m troubled by the arguments between “planners” vs “panic-ers” I’m seeing online. YT used to be my safe zone from the news and now its invaded my happy space. My fav food YT’ers are starting to post depression era recipes. We’re going to need more vids like this to offset the depression setting in from disappointment in our fellow (and probably non-crafty) humans. Hey… how about a spoof on using your craft supply as a makeshift frugal toilet paper replacement! Instead of “don’t burn your hands off!” it could be “don’t get glitter on your butt!” LOL

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  4. Right now, crafting videos (yours and others) are my happy place. Thank you.


  5. Lindsay, have you considered doing a mini-series about different watercolor brushes, I.e. flat, angle, etc.? I have a lot of different brushes but to be honest I probably don’t use them to their full potential.


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