Forgot to post this yesterday… Hyacinth in Acrylics… Strange Days, huh?

Hi friends! I hope you’re well. This is weird, my kids schools have closed, supermarkets have empty shelves and at a time where I most want to invite friends over and commiserate we are told to keep to ourselves. I worked on a serious couch dent this weekend flipping between CNN, local news and Facebook to see what was canceled and how many confirmed cased were popping up in Maine and I have decided to turn off all the screens and work in the studio today (that is after assigning chores to my surly teens who will no doubt badger me to go somewhere or see friends.) I am lucky, I work from home so my disruption will be limited. I feel for families who are struggling to find childcare or miss work and risk losing income. I feel bad for small business like restaurants who will lose business or be forced to close. These are strange times. Take care of yourselves and each other. We will get through this. How about a fun distraction? Let’s paint a Hyacinth in Acrylics!

The real time version of this lesson is in Critique Club which is a $5 a month membership group which allows you to upload 2 paintings you are working on for an in depth critique. I don’t feel right promoting something for sale today so I am making the real-time version lesson a free preview for now so anyone can enjoy it regardless of your ability to pay. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the lesson “March 2020 Bonus Lesson #1: Hyacinth” and you can watch it free of charge. Please share this with anyone who need a distraction during these strange times. Below is the sped-up version.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

It’s normal to feel “off” during these uncertain times. Art is a wonderful antidote, it will take your mind off worry and help you relax. If you have kids at home share the crafty love. Remember all of the tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel are G-rated and safe to have on with little ones around and a heck of a lot less stressful to listen to than the news. Stay informed and be safe of course but take care of yourself mentally too. We are all in this together. Happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “Forgot to post this yesterday… Hyacinth in Acrylics… Strange Days, huh?

  1. The grocery stores here are out of things also with empty shelves. Schools are closed for two weeks which amounts to three with Easter week. Good time to be crafting.

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  2. That is so beautiful. You have probably addressed this before, but any
    tips on translating a tutorial for acrylics into watercolor? I hope you have toilet paper.

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    1. LOL! I’m always stocked. I approach watercolor completely different to opaque mediums. I approach transparent mediums like markers and ink similar to watercolor so I don’t really have advice except to just try it. I do have a watercolor Hyacinth painting tutorial on my blog from a year or two ago tho.


  3. How nice of you to offer the real-time version for free! I’ve been a subscriber since you started Critique Club and know what a boon to someone kept at home watching this will be. I’ve always believed you were a genuinely nice person! This is additional evidence! Good luck to all!

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  4. Hi Lindsay,
    Here in Canada, we are going through the same thing. I pray you and your family will keep healthy.
    The Ministry of Health, Canada, has told us to keep a distance from people and wash our hands constantly.
    Thank you for painting the beautiful hyacinth, it is so uplifting!
    Take care and keep healthy.
    God bless.
    Linda H.

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  5. Thank you, not just for the art, but also for sharing your thoughts at this time. I don’t have teens to corral but I can just imagine what it is like for them. When I was a teen I wanted to distance myself from my parents, and spend time with my peers. So I imagine todays teens have similar reactions creating their own perception of “social distancing.”

    I still hear from adults who’ve been in denial, too. For instance, I have friends who took a cruise to the islands last week, and are being sent home early.

    It’s hard to take in just how serious this is…I gasped when I learned friend was barred from going in to visit her very ill mother in the hospital. Protecting staff and patients all makes perfect sense, but, it comes as such a shock to our free spirit, do whatever you please selves. Myself included.


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