Refreshing Sketchbook Sunday!

I have a new sketchbook and I’m ready to rock!…or draw…

I really love drawing food and drink. My dream assignment is to illustrate a gorgeous cookbook or at least a recipe in a magazine. I love that I can draw whatever I like in my sketchbook with no pressure tho. If you like it too watch the time lapse and see how I drew it. I hope you try something similar!

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I just realized that starting a new sketchbook probably brings my number or working sketchbooks to about 15 but I like different papers, sizes and colors depending to what I am drawing. 15 is a total guess, I really should go count them but I have them stashed in so many places it would be a challenge to get them all in one place. Any other serial sketchbook users out there? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

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