10 Year YouTube Anniversary!

Hi friends! 10 years ago today I uploaded my first YouTube video! What a Ride. Hop over to YouTube and chat with me live at noon ET today. I’ll be premiering this video live at that time!

Sorry for the last minute notice. Sidetracked is my middle name these days! Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I have just watched ALL of your 10 Year YouTube Anniversary video and I wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL the inspirational videos you have given me and everyone.
    Thank you for sharing some of your life with us. I am so happy for you, your husband and your children that your husband is OK. The diagnosis of any disease can be frightening, stressful and can change a person’s life and career, etc.
    Trying to please everyone is an impossible task and the stress of trying to do that can change a person’s health (as you have mentioned).
    Doing what you love/like in your life and having your family’s support is so important and you have that. Looking at YouTube numbers can affect your health and you have done the best thing by not looking at them.
    The advertising that keeps popping up will no longer bother me as now I know it is helping you.
    Please keep on doing YOUR HAPPY CRAFTING videos.
    Enjoy life, your family and the many talents that YOU have.
    I wish you and your family happiness, love and good health.
    Thank you for all that you do for me and your other appreciative fans.
    Take care.
    God bless.
    Linda H.

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  2. Congratulations❣️ I think I’ve been watching about a year. I haven’t finished my class on flowers yet but I will someday. I thank you for all your lessons. you’re awesome.

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  3. Congratulations! I go back quite a few years with you. You inspired me to keep trying with watercolor, and now I’ve started selling some of my work. You make learning fun and easy. I love how you often say, “It’s just paper.” Your “What have you got to lose?” attitude is so liberating. Thank you.

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  4. Happy Anniversary Lindsay! Looking forward to 10 more.💖

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  5. Congratulations!!!


  6. Sorry I missed the live talk, but happy anniversary. I look forward to ten more years of you changing my life through art and creativity.


  7. Lindsey, I love you and your videos! I am new to the art world. In school it was music and dance, my major being math. I have wanted to do something in the art world for some time and have taken, as a retired person, classes at my local senior center. I am not sure where or when I got the idea to make my own greeting cards but about 5 years ago now I mentioned it to a friend. I got some advice about youtubes to watch and yours was one highly recommended. And I am hooked. I watch ALL the videos that I see by you – even ones about organization which are pretty much useless as I have my desk and four shelves in a bookcase to work with. But I like it and it is working fine for.
    I have learned so much from you. One story – I have always liked watercolor. In one of the sr ctr classes I tried to watercolor. I hated my effort. But using the smaller platform of a card I have begun to enjoy it. Mostly due to you. You are a gifted artist and your enthusiasm is contagious. My favorite card making artists are you and Jennifer McGuire. I do watch others but not as much.
    Please continue to make your videos and do not be discouraged. I love you and I know that I am not the only one. Thank you for all your inspiration.


  8. I just wrote a big long comment telling you how great you are and how much I have learnt from you and please continue with watercolour tutorials, specifically long with no music or fast forward but somehow lost it.

    Please ignore the trolls and jus be yourself, no makeup or fancy clothes, be comfortable and keep teaching. I love who you are and would appreciate more watercolour animals…how to draw and paint them.

    You have taught me so much, thank you for that. You are awesome.



  9. Congratulations, Lindsay! Love your videos and classes, very well taught. They are the best and you taught this 60 plus lady how to watercolor paint! People are surprised and impressed that I’ve only been painting for a few years! I actually surprise myself! 😁


  10. You’ve inspired me to do watercolors with stamping, to try new techniques, to branch out. I may not watch every video, but I’ve seen a lot over the years (Ask a Crafter, Friday watercolor live videos), and have even gone back to re-watch some oldies but goodies (Stinky Dragonflies and DIY Stencils with Hot Glue, are two favorites). You’ve introduced me to companies I never knew existed. (not sure this is entirely a good thing! $$)
    Anyway, I’m glad all is well with hubby (very scary indeed). Congrats on 10 years! Wow!


  11. Happy Anniversary. I certainly have enjoyed your U Tubing this year.


  12. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    You always have had the best content!!

    Keeping on crafting!!



  13. At the time of writing this you have 500 comments. I’m not sure if you are going to read this but I wanted to first off wish you a much earned congratulations!
    I personally have been following you for nearly your entire 10 years. You were the first subscription I had.
    I used to work for YouTube and work behind the scenes on the analytical side. I was there when they changed the algorithm which determined the “success” of a channel from “CLICKS” to “Watch Time.” We would actually discuss your channel at some of our meeting b/c your channel did not follow the “formula of success” that YouTube though was the way to achieve successful audience development. Yours was “against the grain” and still achieving not only success but rapid success. You were definitely on their radar!
    They always recognized how the building of an audience was paramount, it was always something they questioned with high subscribers and lower watch times.
    I was laid off a few years ago because most of what I was doing was now being done by automated programs built by some genius programmers. (Interestingly, my husband was on that team)
    Here is what happened to me personally, which I really feel is why many creators face the same issue.
    The economy! I feel that people are having to work longer and harder to “make ends meet” that it is leaving less and less time for video watching.
    I used to watch every single video you uploaded w/in 3 hours of you uploading it. It is my desire to still do that. However, I have a different job. When I was working for YouTube, I used to worked from home, now I have to commute. I have to put in many, many more hours, above and beyond what I am being paid for to complete my assigned tasks and extra demands placed on our staff from management. The constant increase of responsibility leave a whole lot less time for me to enjoy watching my videos.
    I have so many subscriptions from fabulous creators but I physically do not have enough hours in the day to watch all of them. When I get my email notifications, I place the video in my “Watch Later” playlist. My “Watch Later” playlist is several hundred long! I am SO far behind!
    Did you know that a job has absolutely NO consideration for your personal life?!!! (LOL)
    You are still one of my most favorite creators, When I am able to pick away at my Watch Later playlist, I always click on yours. I even got a waterproof speaker so that I can “listen” to “chatty” videos in the shower and when I am washing up at night and in the morning.
    BTW, my husband just created and launched an extension for desktop (soon to be available for mobil) called “Notifications for YouTube” circumventing YouTube altogether. I am not entirely sure all the details because I don’t understand all the “genius technical talk” but I know that he is excited about it as it just launched at VidCon UK and is really pumped about VidCon US in a few months.
    Anyhow, I am just encouraging you to keep doing what you have been doing. You are a fabulous creator who produces excellent content. Don’t worry about the analytics or numbers.
    Valerie Martin

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  14. I watch your videos to marvel at your luxuriant hair & unbelievable skin
    almost as much as at your endless talents.That you transform your look so often is utterly fascinating. You have a million dollar work ethic that should be rewarded as such. I’ve often wondered where you get the time to write a long, informative blog & film a daily video when you are raising a family & maintaining a home while looking gorgeous & remaining so joyful. From your on-screen demeanor I don’t think anybody would ever have detected you were under stress or in physical pain. I wish you the very best in everything you do. I hope someday someone will come up with a format for JUSTLY rewarding people like you.

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