Review of Paper Fashion Watercolors by American Crafts

Hi friends! Today I am reviewing the 12 set of watercolor from Paper Fashion by American Crafts. It’s never been a better time to be a watercolor painter because in addition to the pricey established professional brands of paint that might be out of reach for many there are good quality craft brands you can try and see if it’s for you without a big outlay of cash. In today’s review we will take a look at these paints, see a couple paintings I did with them and compare them to other similar brands that you might already have or know about.


  • Price (I paid $16 for this set on Amazon, MSRP is $30)
  • Good quality for price (similar to Mungyo, Prima and jane davenport-I surmise they are the same paint actually)
  • Nice color selection *Needs a strong blue like ultramarine tho
  • Nice tin
  • Vibrant saturated colors
  • Great flow


  • I would like an ultramarine and phthalo blue in this kit
  • I personally don’t care for a white and black in a limited palette set but that’s just me.
  • $30 is too much for thin in my opinion so snag it with a coupon or on amazon where it is less.
  • Lifts easily, not great for more than 2 layers

Bottom line, this is the same quality and feel as Mungyo, Prima and Jane Davenport paints. If you like those you will like these. The is a different color arrangement but you will find these colors in the 48 Mungyo set for around $50 if you want more colors and no duplication like you will get if you collect the JD and prima sets. I have reviews for the other brands I mentioned here: Prima, Mungyo, and Jane Davenport. If you are considering any of these paints I recommend watching the reviews and then going with the palettes that meet your color preferences because there is no point in buying the same colors in duplicate unless you are using them up at a fast clip. I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

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