How I store stamps (It might work for you!)

Hi friends! I have been asked a lot lately what is is the binders behind me so today I will show you!

I had a few questions about my stamp storage on YouTube when I first posted this video Saturday. I will answer them here:

Q: How do you store your Pegstamps?

A: They are in a sturdy shallow wooden crate under my large worktable. I have them standing on their rubber end so I can see all of the indexes at a glance. I do not keep them in the original clear boxes because they take up too much space that way and I like to use them all together. I will show how I store them the next time I make a video with them:) I didn’t mean to leave them out, I just don’t keep them over here because the box is heavy and bulky and I would trip over it LOL!

Q: Since you have been using clear stamps since they first came out have you noticed any of them going bad, melting or getting gummy?

A: I have had some cheap silicone stamps fuse to the backer sheets but only if I had never removed them to use them. That is a good reason to pull them off the sheet and stamp with them at least once. I also have purchased stamps that were fused to the sheet and I had to cut the sheet apart and use them with tape on a block. Don’t try to force a stamp off the sheet or you might tear it. I am not sure if that was a manufacturer defect or simply what happens if you wait to long to remove the stamp from the sheet. High quality photo polymer stamps do stain with ink and can turn yellow with exposure to light. I think it is sun exposure that eventually breaks them down but since my stamps are in binders (as opposed to open bins which is a popular way to store stamps now) they don’t get exposure from my studio lights and I have no windows in my craft space so no sunlight gets in. I am happy to report all of my stamps are still working as god as new (even the 20 year old PSX ones!)

Q: Have you ever unmounted any of your wood stamps?

A: No, I prefer wood mounted stamps. I rarely get wood mounted now due to space reasons and I don’t want to let go of any I have so new can come in. I have actually mounted favorite sentiments on Jenga blocks because they were more convenient that way.

How do you store your stamps? Have you had any negative issues with stamps going bad? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “How I store stamps (It might work for you!)

  1. Hi Lindsay,  I have been following you for a while and I have all your classes and I’m working through the pastel class now.  I was wondering if you have any workshops or are they just through youtube or online.  I live in Mass and would love to attend a class if available.  Let me know.  You are a fabulous and talented instructor and I have learned so much from your classes.  Keep up the great work and know that you are a great inspiration.  Thanks, Marion

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    1. I will be teaching watercolor Christmas cards at the Heirloom Stamp show in June! It takes place at the Big E in W. Springfield. Here is their website for when registration opens:


  2. Interesting subject.
    I have unmounted some large wood background stamps (especially if I don’t use them often) because they are easier to store. I just stand them in a basket or box.
    Also, I have had some 25+ year old stamps go brittle on me. A couple of PSX which I treasure😞. Some discoloring of clear stamped too before I realized you should not use StazOn ink on them. (So many inks come and go. Hard to keep track of them. ) Might be good to do an ink comparison.


    1. brittle rubber stamps can be revived by applying a coat of glycerin and let it soak in. The next time you go to use it it should be good as new!


  3. Hi Lindsay! I recently inherited a pretty hefty collection of wood-mounted rubber stamps and ink pads! I’m THRILLED about it, but I don’t have the room to store them in their current form. I know you don’t unmount yours, but if you could recommend someone that could show me how to do it without damaging them, I’d sure appreciate it.

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    1. pop a wood stamp in the microwave for 30 seconds and you should be able to peel the rubber off. If the foam is intact you might be able to use it as is or add a bit of vinal on the back for cling.


  4. Hi Lindsay,  I’m taking your pastel class and sent you a comment and posted my painting.  Initially, it looks like it went through but when I log out of the site it is gone from the comment section.  I commented twice.  Can you let me know if I’m doing something incorrectly. Thank you for your help, Marion


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