You are my Cup of Tea (but this weather isn’t!)

Hi friends! We are in a cold snap in Maine. It’s February so I guess it’s to be expected but in my 43 years of living here I still can’t get used to it. February might be the shortest month of the year but it feels like the longest and it’s a darn leap year to boot! So instead about complaining about the cold how ’bout we stay inside and paint something warm?

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I think I need to figure out how I can make a living traveling to tropical locals in the winter to teach. Stay warm and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Every time I watch you paint, I can be having the worst day, and you manage to put a big old smile on my face. Just watched you paint the tea cup. I was stunned. If I tried doing that the paper would be torn out of the sketch book! It was so very lovely! I’m in your sketching class. I have been sketching, but not been having very much free time with things going on. I have to get back into my strict routine of either getting up super early or staying up super late for my painting and stuff. I did get a cheap laptop though so I can see everything better. Things will be a little bit more enjoyable to view now that I dont have to squint. Thanks for being so awesome! Oh, and I just bought the vintage in the prima paint set. Do you have that set?


    • I don’t have that one, how do you like it? Essence is the next one on my list from Prima, I hve so many paints tho, it’s hard to justify it LOL!


  2. thinking to give a watercolor seminar in a warm country? Many snowbirds people where I am!

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  3. Come to Arizona for winter and if you feel the need for cold come up from Phoenix or Tucson to Lakeside to visit snow!

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