Now This is an Odd Combination…

Hi friends! I got some neat supplies in this months Smart Art Box. The supplies were neat but I really didn’t know how on earth I was going to combine them to make art. This video is sponsored by Smart Art Box. They offer a surprise box of art supplies every month to subscribers and ship to many countries. You can sign up, purchase a past box or learn more here.

I like to stick to the contents of the Smart Art Box when I first get it because it’s fun and challenging to see what I can make but I knew that these supplies would be better used with other items in my stash. Still I took a stab at it and you can see my attempts in today’s video!

Supplies were in this month’s Smart Art Box with the exception of the stencil which came in a past box and white gouache from my stash. I will link the supplies below and mention comparable products in case you want to play at home with supplies you have on hand.

I think the jellyfish postcard turned out OK. the others, meh. That’s OK, I did what I set out to do and now the supplies have been put away with similar products so they can expand the variety of those products. I hope you have having a good weekend! Happy crafting!

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