How I store Jewelry Making Supplies

Hi friends! Over on my YouTube channel I have been posting a series of new ways I am storing my supplies. I have affordable solutions that have worked out well for me and they just might help you too. I will eventually post all of these to my blog but if you want to see the videos done so far check out my YouTube channel and if you want to see my most current craft room tour (filmed a year ago) you can find that by clicking this link.

Many of the storage I use was purchased years ago and is discontinued but you can find modern substitutes by searching what you need on Amazon, they are always coming up with something new to help us store our crap…er..I mean CRAFTS! LOL:) Til next time happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “How I store Jewelry Making Supplies

  1. I love your organizational skills and always get some good tips. Now…if you could just inspire me to start exercising. Lol! Thanks-Helanna


    1. I got a membership to the Y and love the classes (plus I’m too frugal not to use something that I am paying for, that is the motivation LOL!)


  2. I love all your ideas for storage. I remember you went to a large Dollar Tree last year when you attended the stamp show at the Eastern States complex in West Springfield. Would you happen to know the address for that Dollar Tree? I live in Springfield.


    1. oh, Im not sure, my sense of direction is horrible but it must be somewhere between the day’s inn/best western and the big E, I hope that helps:


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