Paint this for your Valentine or for fun!

Hi friends! Today I have a sweet painting tutorial for you!

In this watercolor painting tutorial, we will paint a delicious vanilla cupcake with pink icing and a chocolate-covered strawberry on top drizzled in icing. You will practice several texture and color mixing techniques while you create this sweet artwork.

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Happy painting!

6 thoughts on “Paint this for your Valentine or for fun!

  1. I think you are amazing Lindsay! Day after day you you provide wonderful projects and challenge us. Thank you for that. Many of us don’t always comment but we should as I’m sure it gives you the artistic energy to do a daily blog.

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    1. I painted around the icing but I used a white gel pen for the shine on the berry and to clean up any paint that got on the icing by mistake. It is all show in the video if you need more info:)


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