Glass Bottles in Watercolor!

Happy Sketchbook Sunday Friends! What are you working on today? I have a watercolor of bright colorful glass bottles to share.

I’ll be talking about ways to get the most of budget paints in today’s video, I hope you find it useful!



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That’s all for today, happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I would never think to paint coloured bottles, but you have changed my mind. Your painting is colourful and great.
    Thank you for sharing your talents!
    God bless.
    Take care.
    Linda H.

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  2. I love it!! Now that the holidays and travel plans are done, I’m ready to jump back into critique club, looking forward to see you there!

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  3. wow these are gorgeous


  4. wow I am surprised at the vibracy of the set but I think its knowing to blend the right color and working in layers right. I realize that I like and am used to painting with tubes. I had a first set with tubes and then would apply paint on a palette and let dry. Then paint. I bought the senniler set pan set. I find it hard to use a pan set. Does that make sense?

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    • student one by the way


    • it makes sence, we all have out preferences. I was taught asa child to let my tube paint try in a palette a week before using it, of course back then there really wasn’t bad student paint, it was all a pretty decent level. Nowadays it can be tricky with budget paints and many are best right from the tube. Sennelier is best in lots of layers. I hope you give it another shot.

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  5. Nice bottles, they are very colourful.

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