A Sweet Sushi Valentine!

Hi friends! When my kids were little I loved crafting classroom valentines treats with them. I had really missed doing that the past couple of years so I said “What the heck, I’m making some!”

You can use this idea on any small boxed candy or take the idea and make a bookmark or card with it. Watch the video to see how!

I made a recipe card for coloring below. If you don’t have the same brand of alcohol markers I do (Ohuhu) you can match up the swatches with the markers you have.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

The moral of this project is if you you want to craft something
(even if you have no practical reason to) do it! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of help making sure the candy isn’t wasted LOL! Happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. What lovely art work. I love sushi. 💛
    Thanks for sharing

    Love Alexa,


  2. Love the recipe card idea for alcohol markers. I have a set but haven’t done enough coloring because I don’t feel confident enough picking 3 colors that go together and getting the ‘right blend’! I have the Arteza Everbend Markers set of 120. Enjoy all your tutorials so Thank You❣️

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    • that’s a great set too! I recommend swatching them out and then group the colors that are most similar. I laid them all out on my floor and grouped them up and then put them back in my marker case next to the colors they blend well with. I also tapes and thin stip of paper I colored with the marker to the body (i wrapped the colored strip around the marker like a belt and covered it with clear tape) so I caul visually see how the colors looked as the ends can be a bit off. It helped a lot! There is a lot of ink in those markers so play with them, you will learn the most that way:)


  3. Love the cards

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  4. I love this idea it fresh and different also the video thank you Lindsay so much for sharing this great idea happy creative crafting and coloring 🤗🤗👐🏽👐🏽💕❤️💕❤️💕


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