The Lemon is in Play… (and WOYWW)

Hi friends! It has been ages since I shared my desk for What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday. WOYWW is a fun weekly event at the Stamping Ground where you can share a pic of your desk. If you are nosy curious like me it’s fun to see what other crafters are working on! A viewer mentioned last week how much they used to like those pics so I thought it would be fun and my desk actually looked somewhat interesting. I was getting ready to film a review for a new set of markers and watercolors and the painting I did this morning was still out so I snapped a pic and immediately thought of the traveling lemon game. It’s from a really funny radio show called Cabin Pressure I borrowed from the library once. If you ever get a chance to hear it I recommend it. It is a riot! Anyway…

I have yet to film the watercolor review but hope to get back to my studio tonight once the house quiets down. For now though, you can enjoy this skill builder lesson. Let’s paint a lemon!

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Need more help with your watercolors? Check out my most popular course Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor to get you started off right on your watercolor journey. This comprehensive course will fill in any gaps you might have in your watercolor training and get you painting now! Learn more here. That’s all I have for today! I hope you find some time to paint!

10 Responses

  1. I saw the title of your article and just cracked up! I thought, surely she’s not referencing Cabin Pressure, is she? And you are! Brilliant, Skip!


  2. Hello, happy WOYWW! all those markers behind your colour chart?
    Glad you are joining in. Angela #24


  3. Firstly. Your art work is amazing! That sure is one zesty lemon. Beautiful.
    Secondly. Oh my gosh. I really love your desk space, you can definitely see so much personality in your work area.
    Thank-you for sharing.

    Love Alexa,


  4. Cabin Pressure was hilarious!! Such a great cast too 😁 Your lemon painting is wonderful, you must have so much patience!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx


  5. Glad you see you on WOYWW Lindsay. That is a cool collection of markers. Love the lemon watercolour too but I’m not familiar with the show. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2


  6. I’ve never seen so many markers together in one place before!


  7. Loving the lemon, great work. Sending happy belated woyww wishes, Angela x3x


  8. Having now watched the video, I am a big fan of the skill-builder video. I’m so ready to paint my lemon now.


  9. How lovely to see you and your brilliant artwork! as for The Lemon, let it stay in play, love Cabin Pressure, still listen to it whenever I can find the odd episode!


  10. As usual, finding my worktop is the biggest part of any job!! I needed more storage too. Lol I really enjoy seeing others in the same dilemma. Konmari is not an option even though many of my supplies are over 20 yrs old…I often find a use for the oldest stuff. Have a good 2020!


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