A Craft Room for Non-Fancy People (like me!)

Hi friends! Recently I asked if you would like a video on how to set up an art studio/craft-room in an unfinished basement or other unfinished area (we gotta use what we have right?) and the response was overwhelming. By the way you can see an indepth video tour with photos here. I filmed that a year ago and not much has changed but it is much cleaner than it is right now as I am in the middle of a big freelance project and din’t have time to make the room pretty. What you see today is typical LOL! Watch the video below if you have an unused/unfinished area of your home that you want to turn into a creative haven. It doesn’t have to be “magazine pretty” to be pretty FUNctional!

My art room isn’t fancy. It’s not even a room, it’s an unfinished corner of my basement. This video is not meant to impress anyone, I made it to inspire you to make a space for your art wherever you can. Most of the furnishings are reclaimed or picked up as needed. It’s a hodgepodge but it works well for me. I will try and find links to any of the things I mentioned below but most of the things I mentioned can be picked up inexpensively at the home improvement store like Lowes or a discount store like WalMart. Claim your space artists and crafters!

Resources *affiliate links used.

  • Lighting: I use aluminum clamp lights with daylight balanced CFLs or LED lights. *these can also be found at a hardware/department store easily
  • Heat: I have a 1500w Eden Pure Infrared space heater. It provides heat in a few minutes and, as you can hear in the video, gives off a fan sound. An oil-filled radiator is another (quiet) option but it takes longer to heat up an area so you might need to start it an hour before you begin working. I have an oil-filled radiator but it didn’t feel as warm to me as the Eden Pure. Amazon has lots of options with reviews.
  • Storage: 9 cube units and Letter trays to store or collect project parts
  • Moisture mitigation: I don’t know much about dehumidifyers but there are options with reviews here. We had an interior perimeter drain done by a company that was an installer/franchise of Basement Systems. I am not affiliated with this company and can’t vouch for all of their installers but it worked well for us. I’ll warn you it was expensive but it was worth it to be able to use our cellar. We have a one-story ranch so it basically doubled our space.
  • I have not used this product myself but other crafters with basement craft rooms recommend Damp Rid. It’s pretty cheap so worth a try if you have musty air.
  • Safety: Radon test *there is a mold detection test too if you are worried about that. Fire extinguisher *Tip: Unplug any space heater when you are done for the day and switch off all power strips, you save electricity and know all of your lights and appliances are off.

The reason I am sharing my studio is to let you know that YOU can do this! It might take working a little bit a day for a few months if your time or energy are limited but you can get it done. Don’t wait for circumstances to be ideal, use what you have so you can create today! Happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “A Craft Room for Non-Fancy People (like me!)

  1. I’m looking forward to watching the video when I have a little more time. For now, I just want to thank you for showing that we can enjoy our own crafty space without all the fancy furniture, etc. I’m hoping to move when my nest is empty in a few years, so for now I just need tips to make my small space as useful as possible. I learn so much from your videos! Thanks for all you do to inspire us!


  2. Such an excellent post. The pretty matchy matchy ones can make one feel bad about a less impressive crafting area. I’d rather spend money on supplies and, honestly, none of my home is magazine worthy. But it is comfy, cozy and a home rather than just a house. I also drive a car that’s more than 13 years old. It looks good, I have a great mechanic and it reliably and safely gets me where I want to be.


  3. Thanks for your video – I have lived in my home for 40 yrs and the room I use to create was used as a bar room complete with a wet bar. I never used this room for that purpose and always used it for my craft/art room. There is no storage and all my materials just clutter everywhere. I can hardly walk in the room. I am so overwhelmed I just do not know how to get some rhyme and rhythm to the room and my craft supplies. Do you have any suggestions?? Your info was helpful Thank you, but I don’t know where to begin.

    “Cluttered” Pat


    1. I know how you feel! Just make a start. It can be so overwhelming that we never start – but then nothing gets done. Either pick an area or pick a subject eg crochet materials or die cutting etc and start to organise things. Probably the area you most commonly work on/in.
      Storage & organising supplies can be upcycled items . Amazon boxes organise my larger items! (costumes for plays!) Condensed milk can store the pens for the crafts clubs I do. Old glue pots store our homemade glitter glue! Boxes from bought items store paper, felt, foam etc.
      Even if it is just 5 minutes a day you can slowly get things organised. And hopefully be able to do more crafts. I do hope you can make a start. This has inspired me to tackle the boxes on the floor in the study!!!


    2. Sounds like you need storage. I have lots of storage ideas,search storage on my blog or craft room tour for ideas. I will be posting a new tour soon. If you need to purge stuff check k out my konmari craft room clean up video to see how I decided what to keep it donate.hope it helps!


  4. Thank you for posting a craft room for unfinished basement spaces. Eventually my craft area will be in our basement versus my dining room table. Appreciate all your suggestions.


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