They don’t always turn out pretty…

Hi Friends! It is a snowy Sketchbook Sunday here in Maine! I just got back from walking the beast (aka Penny puppy) and I have to say that one of the benefits to having a very high energy dog is that you must get outside everyday whether you want to or not LOL! Winters are hard on me. I am someone who tends to feel cold a lot of the time and the short days can do a number on anyone’s state of mind. Also the lack of sun gives most of us in this neck of the woods a vitamin D deficiency. I tend to fall into the “Everything I create is garbage” spiral this time of year. Last year was really bad and I am trying my best to redirect and stay out of the dark and icy grip of winter artist block. In today’s video you will see the first attempt (the bad pancake art I like to call it) and how I redirected to create a better painting. I might go back and try to save the bad pancake but I know when I am in a certain frame of mind I need to change tack completely and start something new or I will just end up sad and frustrated. How do you cope with creative block? Do you find it harder to create during certain seasons?

Probably many of you are thinking “why don’t you take a break and come back when you feel inspired?” That’s probably very good advice for some people. I did take a week off from filming from Christmas Day to New Years Eve and 2 out of the 3 things I filmed on New Years Day were absolute junk. So many bad pancakes haha! I think, with me, art is like excersize. You don’t go from working out every day to being a couch potato and expect to hit the ground running a week later. Even when I take a proper vacation I sketch and watercolor for my enjoyment. During this week off at home I cleaned, read and organized (organizing is probably my biggest hobby after crafty stuff) but any time I sat down to paint for fun I felt like the well was empty and instead of pushing through or just drawing anything I decided to procrasticlean…boy, you’d think my house would be gleaming wouldn’t you? LOL! I don’t know if my tale of woe will be a help to anyone reading this but if it does then I’m glad. I don’t know of any creative person who doesn’t suffer from an unmotivated apathy from time to time. You just need to figure out the best way for you to deal with it. For me, the only way out is through as you will see in today’s video.

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  • Watercolors (Art Creations by Royal Talens) *Let me know if you would like a review on these!
  • Accordion sketchbook (Hahnemuehle)
  • Brushes & Carry Case (Royal & Langnickle) Watercolor Pencils (Bruynzeel)
  • White wax crayon added from stash
  • Rose Palette (a Christmas gift from hubby)
  • Reference photos: Rainbow Cabanas (failed painting) and Stream

Want more?

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Thanks for spending a bit of your weekend with me and til next time happy painting!

16 thoughts on “They don’t always turn out pretty…

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  2. Oh, I get the winter SAD. I live in North Idaho and our nights are long and our days are gray. (Maybe not as long as yours, though.) I have trouble with creativity at all times. I am more of a tell me what to do and I’ll do it rather than pulling bunnies out of my butt creator. I do have a SAD light that actually does help me when my mood takes a downturn. I was skeptical of it but using it changed my mind. It is not one of the little blue ones – that one did nothing for me. It is a big 18″ square thing that shines the full spectrum. Vitamin D pills help, too. Sounds like you are doing the right stuff. Getting out and changing tracks rather than staying in the rut. Happy New Year!!

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  3. As a fellow Mainiac, I totally understand what you are feeling, or rather, not feeling. I do think that it is worse right after the busy holiday season where we all push ourselves. Just remember we are now on the up side and our days are getting longer. Hang in there…. we all understand!


  4. Happy New Year Lindsay! love your honesty and willingness to share your experiences in art. The holiday season is such a hectic time for me, with lots of family events and all of the preparing, that I don’t get to paint very much at all. So, as I sit on the couch watching your video, drinking my cold cup of coffee, I can relate to your feeling of “blah”. As soon as I finish this note I intend to leave my husband to the football game and go to my work area and do something with the Daniel Smith paints I got for Christmas. By the way, I am solidly in Team Procastinators. Good thing it is cold outside today so that my gardening chores can be ignored for a bit. πŸ™‚ Love your videos and I look forward every week to seeing how you will inspire me.

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  5. I am too stiff in my attitude when painting. You know I am so critical with my stuff. I never think it is good enough. I am as I am with everything else in life. My worst critic lol. I also have too much time in between doing my art, I need to get back on the right track. You see I have not posted in a while in the class or anything. Hoping for a burst of energy after getting organized in my office. OMG I hate how much paper stuff accumulates. I feel like I am drowning in paper and shredding lol. No time for what I want to do..I will try to get back to it soon!!! I like your painting by the way!!!!!


  6. Sorry you’ve got the creativity blah’s….and yup, we all get it. You always seem so high energy to me and so full of great ideas — I think that that kind of puts pressure on you to “perform”….plus, this is not just a hobby for you but also a business – so that adds to the pressure. You “got” this! You will bounce back. I admire all these great ideas you have had and I’ve been following you for years. I’ve learned so much from your online courses. It’s given me the tools I needed to go out there and create paintings that are all my “own”. Yay! Doesn’t mean that I don’t “need” you anymore πŸ˜‰ ….. so get your daily dose of fresh air, take your Vit D pill and you will be back inspiring (and wowing) us in no time. I’m taking a break from painting and concentrating on sketching. I’m enjoying it but feeling a little pressure myself because it’s supposed to be a daily sketch and I’m already 2 days behind πŸ˜‰ LOL!! I’m working on not being so critical and hard on myself.


  7. Which one was the “bad pancake”? πŸ™‚ Being from NH and also suffer SAD, which begins in the fall, it looked to me as if you were craving sunshine and “happy” with the cabana colors. I wish my attempts at watercolor came out as “bad” as your “bad”!!! Cherish the sunshine days we do get in NE and find a walk that is your “happy place”. The winter I walked every day in my “happy place” was the best winter I had. New Year resolution to do it again this year! I bet you find some inspiration there! Good luck and keep moving forward!


  8. Thank you for sharing, Lindsay! I thought I was the only one who gets down this time of the year. πŸ˜‰ it’s nice to know that even you can get the winter blues but if we all stick together and support each other we can get through it and find happier times. I loved your painting from start to finish because it is REAL. You are so talented and you’ve taught me so much. I wish you warmer days and an early spring full of inspiration. Sometimes inspiring things happen in the most unexpected places. And you inspire me and many others every day.


  9. Hi Lindsay,
    I live in the deep south of Texaa like almost off of the map, lol. We are the people who rarely see snow. @53 I’ve seen 2 snow falls where I live. Id send you some sunshine if I ciuld. Watching you create beautiful artwork makes me happy and inspires me but sometimes I still put off diving into creating. I’ve been in a slump for a good year and half not for lack of sunshine. Im hoping to put smiles on people’s faces with my crafts this year, dedicating it to my son, in his beautiful and loving memory. 6/30/2018 May he rest in peace. So many hurting people, I will try to make a difference.


  10. I understand how you feel i live in Maine too and it’s like we disappear in the winter, hibernate! I don’t see my neighbors mcuh until spring.. LOL I don’t go outside in the cold much either.. I fall too much! LOL I have this to say about your slump, you are young, beautiful and healthy,
    you have hands, feet and a highly intelligent brain you can draw and paint anything + you have the ability to teach us too! You are so lucky you are so able.
    Maybe paint how you feel if you are dark and dreary paint something like that. It would still be beautiful i am sure.Or take a break we woudl all understand and still be waiting impatiently for your next video.. LOL
    I told my husband yesterday “we are going for a ride at 2:00 i haven’t been out of the house in a week!” LOl So we did and it was so beautiful down by the ocean, with the snow on the rocks, and very pretty dried up fluffy plants in colors of beige off white, blowing in the wind. + We stopped at Run of the Mill for a snack, I really enjoyed the architecture of the old mills all those tiny iron windows… As it got dark the water along the River looked so black it was so pretty…I kept thinking maybe Lindsay will teach us how to paint old mills and dark skies. I pay more attention now to what I see, thanks to you..πŸ˜‰ Get some organic vitiman D3 that helps a lot. I wanna say “snap out of it” but my daughter is a physiologist and she always tells me it doesn’t work like that mom! Best wishes, maybe funny would help watch funny movies.. I love an old Movie called Merrily We Live with Constance Bennett. I am not that old but i love old movies.. This one is just so silly funny because of the dialog. Best wishes!!


  11. When I am in a slump (I had 2 major surgeries this fall and had been dying to get out and walk and Pain was just eating me up) this book was a big help to lift me up and get me on a better track. It is called *Attitudes of Gratitude* by M J Ryan, a small book but lots of uplifting thoughts. Thank you for all your wonderful teaching, Cheryl Frank

    On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 11:01 AM The Frugal Crafter Blog wrote:

    > thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich posted: ” Hi Friends! It is a snowy > Sketchbook Sunday here in Maine! I just got back from walking the beast > (aka Penny puppy) and I have to say that one of the benefits to having a > very high energy dog is that you must get outside everyday whether you want > to or ” >


  12. I know and understand your blues but mine are the opposite I grew up in Massachusetts and living in Ca with no seasons is like living in limbo. We have Spring and lots of Hot summer (too hot to go out side), Fall is just a relief from the heat and winter is just gray and something you would put a jacket on for. I am 75 now and moved when I was 13. I will always miss the seasons. The crisp air and the look after a snowfall the night before, and the birch trees with ice and snow on the branches. All we have is gray days and a little cold. I wish I were there with you. I admire the creativity you have. I enjoy painting and crafts but did not have the time until I retired to really do something. You are amazing go out and look at what is there and paint it. Think about a 13 year old girl who would have loved to be able to paint what she saw. I did not have the tools or the encouragement then to do that.


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