Let's Paint a Pinecone & Berries!

Howdy friends! Last week I created this marker illustration:

I shared it on Instagram and I had many people asking for a tutorial. I have to admit that it took quite a long time to create, this 8″x 8″ drawing took about 2 hours and marker work is very relaxing but can also be kinda repetitive and dull for a real time tutorial so I decided I would do a looser one in watercolor. Since I used my original drawing as my reference you can look at that as you work if you like:)

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I hope you enjoy this relaxing project and til next time happy painting!

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10 Responses

  1. I really like this.


  2. Howdy from Texas! Really like the pine cone and holly berries. So wintery which we do not have much of in my part of Texas.

    I would like to ask you to please, please PLEASE reconsider doing an art piece for Hanukkah. I know it’s hard when you’re not wanting to offend a culture or faith group that you know little about, but I am a Messianic Jew/Hebrew (meaning I believe in Christ as the Messiah as opposed to Orthodox Jews who do not) and I would be glad to help advise on something that would not offend.

    Hanukkah is not the Jewish version of Christmas,as many believe, but is a beautiful story of God’s provision for His people when they were obedient & faithful to follow Him at the cost of their lives and not give in to a wicked ruler.

    It is known as the Feast of Dedication for several reasons, but especially because we had gained the Temple back and when it was time to dedicate the altar and begin worship again there was only enough oil for one night, but we needed oil for 8 nights ,which God Himself provided. A great miracle in itself as well as the miracle of defeating an army that far outnumbered our people. Our people were saved from eradication and the needed oil to dedicate the Temple was provided. So many reasons for a celebration and thankfulness of heart. But that is why on Hanukkah there are 8 candles that are lit on 8 consecutive nights — to remember our Father’s dedication to us and to dedicate ourselves to Him.

    There is soooo much more to the story, of course, but this alone is beautiful. As most of my fellow believers say of Hanukkah “A Great Miracle Happened Here”.

    Back to the art piece. I would like to suggest a beautiful Hanukkiah (8 branch menorah, candlestick) with lights burning brightly or a grouping of jelly-filled donuts & plate of latkes (fried potatoe pancakes) with a driedle or maybe just a jeweled toned driedle spinning while surrounded by musical notes (there is a driedle song) and golden coins scattered about which are part of the driedle game. I have many more ideas, but would be glad to help you keep it kosher, so to speak, if you decide to take on this project. Come on, Lindsay, I know you’re looking for something different to paint. LOL This could be it!

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    • Do you by any chance have photos I could use that you took. I have been looking on the royalty free stock photo sites and not fining anything set up like a still life and I am uncomfortable combing from photos like I often do incase I get it wrong. I would love to do a painting as you suggested but I lack reference material which I need not having the cultural background. Thanks in advance, my email is artstudiosofbangor@yahoo.com if you have photos you want to share:)


    • I was wondering if you’ve ever seen palettes for liquid watercolors that travel when there is fluid in them. We’ve been spending winters in our trailer, camping. I want to save the liquid that’s in the palette when we move from place to place on those bumpy roads.

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      • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your question. I know Jane davenport sells a palette that looks like a pillbox in her Australian shop called “ink sync” for this purpose so I think it would be good and I know I’ve seen a rubber top sealed palette from Bianyo that was meant to keep paint like gouache sealed and fresh, let me see if I can find it. Here it is and it has a lock down lid: https://amzn.to/2Qrri2o it says it’s spillproof. I have never attempted to travel with mine so only take out what I need at a time for a project. Hope this helps:)


  3. I really love this quick artistic style of yours.Thanks

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  4. The end of the berry opposite to the stem is the blossom end. I also liked the burnt umber/violet blend.

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  5. Oops, I put my comment in the wrong place, perhaps.

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  6. Do you like the Sennelier water color paints??

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