How did the Oil Painting Challenge go? Well…

Hi friends! Today is December 1st and I thought it would be fun to look back at my November art challenge of oil painting. You can see the paintings I did in today’s video.

Was the challenge a success? Well, define Success. I challenged myself to paint 20 paintings and I only got 12 done so in that respect I failed. That said These paintings were in addition to my normal workload and I really enjoyed my painting time so that was a success. If I hadn’t challenged myself I would not have done any so I’m calling it a win. I wanted to do 45 minute paintings and many of my paintings took twice that long so I probably spent the amount of time I had expected to paint but with less output than I hoped. I’m still calling it a win.

I’m not doing a challenge in December. I want to slow down and enjoy the holiday’s with my family. The kids are sophomores and junior in high school so I know I don’t have too many more Christmases with them at home so I want to make the most of it. I will be ready for a challenge in January, maybe I’ll revisit oils or (gasp) give acrylics a whirl. I am honestly kinda excited to use those Golden Open acrylics I just bought. I’ll keep you posted.

I think challenges are important. I had struggled with burnout the past couple of years and having personal goals seems to be an antidote. Getting better at something, learning and improving is security that you will have these skills in the future no matter what happens in your current situation. Education is not something that just happens when you are in school. If you always push yourself to learn more and be better you can stay in the atmosphere of growth.

I think we can stagnate as we get older and that was definitely part of the burnout and funk I was in earlier this years so I’m gonna fight like heck to stay out of it from now on. How do you stay inspired in your art? Let us know in the comments below and we can cheer each other on! Happy creating!

12 thoughts on “How did the Oil Painting Challenge go? Well…

  1. Your art is awesome. I know there’s this idea of specialization and for a long time I tried sticking with watercolor. I love watercolor! I really do but I fin when I gather all of my supplies and paint I have the most fun. I use tempera and acrylic and I love it! Does that make sense?


  2. You did fantastic on your oil painting challenge. I did a novel writing challenge in November and didn’t quite get halfway to the 50,000 word goal, but I probably did more than I would have without the challenge.

    My favourite of your oil paintings is the Magnolia/Lorax. I love the movement and whimsical feeling of the painting.

    I’m taking December to focus on family too. I think it’s a great idea. I hope you enjoy your December as much as I hope to enjoy mine.

    Teresa (PEI)

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  3. .these oils are beautiful!! I also do challenges, and sometimes get a little overwhelmed because I overdo;) Challenges are great for both getting out of a funk and they help improve our art. I’ve been doing them since fall of 2018. So important to keep active and continually learning in our art no matter what age we are but think its especially so. as we age I just hit 65 in February (where did all those years go??! lol) and I see people my age, or even younger, who don’t really do much of anything except hang out in coffee shops with their cronies. The aging process is really showing on them and it’s sad. Really enjoy your site, the videos, and the reviews of products:) We’re neighbours, I live over across the border in New Brunswick:)


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I love the results of your oil painting challenge. My favs are the street lamps and grapefruit. As always you’ve inspired me. I mostly do watercolors, but after seeing your tutorial on water based oils I am looking forward to my own oil painting challenge.

    Thanks so much for your tutorials. I’ve learned so much and you’ve really helped me improve my technique!

    Here’s what I just finished. This is my version of a watercolor from Adeline Fletcher’s The Watercolor Flower Painter’s A to Z.
    /Users/veronicamahara/Desktop/Hibiscus by Veronica Mahara.jpg

    Have a great Holiday Season!


  5. I absolutely think your challenge was a success. Your paintings are gorgeous. I couldn’t pick my favorite if I had to. The serenity of the bridge calls to me the most, but the chairs with the tile floor remind me of a drug store I grew up with in the fifties. Lots of memories there. I try not to burnout by trying new things. I started with card making and have more than I will ever use. Some people say I should sell them, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve loved learning watercolor with you and still have classes to take and the soft pastels were a challenge. Then I picked up a vintage tree skirt to crewel, and that’s almost finished. Variety is the way to go, I think. And absolutely focus on your children…..the time goes by so fast (teenagers!) but those memories will last forever. Merry Christmastime.


  6. These mini oil paintings are great. Your drawing skills are so impressive. I love the soda fountain chairs & flooring. This little bridge tiny details the street lights perspective, perspective, perspective. Love the car,. All are amazing. But you are so versatile, acrylic, oil, pastels, colored pencils, Acholhol inks, copics, markers, not to mention all the card making & dyi substitutes you have shared for people who don’t have all the sprays & products. You have a great following of people who love you. You inspire & you are practical, & bringing back the old products. You are the total package of an art teacher. Jill of all trades. Wealth of information. Teaching skills are a 10. Inspiring people still, even when you feel uninspired. You set a great example, always ” honestly” encouraging. Showing people to count the successes, (not dwell on the failure) fix a painting gone wrong. Failure is how we learn best. But knowing how to fix those mistakes is priceless. And you have written volumns of how to instructions & the videos of how to. You are so much more than you realize and never act like a ” know it all”. I am grateful for all that you plan, create, demonstrate, and put all your heart & soul into. You are amazing! Happy Holidays to you & your family Dena Heck Sent from my iPad



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