Sketchbook Sunday & My November Art Goal!

Hi friends! I really enjoyed participating in, and finishing, Inktober this year even tho some days I didn’t feel that motivated to do my daily drawing. That said I always felt better once I started drawing. I thought I would be relieved once I drew my last Inktober drawing but instead I felt a bit of a let down. I took November 1st off to rest and reflect on October and then it hit me! I really love having a goal to work toward and I love completing things I set my mind to. During this eureka moment I had another idea to do my own November challenge. I have a stack of small canvas panels and enough oil paints to choke a horse! I used to love to paint in oils so I decided to paint 20 mini oil paintings this month! Here is the one I did yesterday:

It was fun! I am keeping the size small, I have nineteen 5″x7″ canvas panels and a few other oddball small sizes kicking around so I am set there. I was hoping for each painting to take about 45 minutes which I think I will get to once I knock the rust off LOL! The avocado took about 2 hours to paint but I loved it! The Iris took me 1 hour 20 minutes so I am moving in the right direction. I waste a lot of time fussing and overworking an area and then having to rescue it and I attribute that to being out of practice. Both of the paintings were painted from my own reference photos and I liked that. I am going to try and work from my own photos as much as possible this month as I rely on stock photos more that I want to. You can see a timelapse if the iris painting below. You might remember we painted this in watercolor a couple months ago, I really liked this flower! I took the photo in my sisters garden. I’ll take a proper photo of this painting in the morning once the shine dulls and post it on Instagram.

Supplies (I am using a variety of brands, I don’t notice as much of a difference in oil paint qualities as long as you go with a recognizable brand you should be all set) *Affiliate links used

  • Oil paint in colors: Titanium White, Yellow Ocher, Alizarin. Crimson, Sap Green, Ultramarine blue, Burnt Umber (I listed a couple under $20 sets if you want to try oils) Water mixable option with colors needed (rinse brushes in water while painting and clean with soap and water after, good if you don’t want to use solvents) or Traditional oil paint with all colors needed (clean up with paint thinner, then soap and water)
  • 5″x7″ canvas (affordable multi-pack of different sizes)
  • Pentel oil pastels for sketching
  • Assorted brushes (smaller ones, 1/2″ flat and #8 round are the largest ones I am using) I am not very picky about the majority of my oil brushes but for details I like the Royal & Langnickle Fusion line.

I hope you liked the time-lapse, the real-time version will be in Critique Club in a day or two. Critique Club is a membership group where artists can upload 2 paintings a month for detailed feedback from me and also get access to 2 new real time tutorials per month as well as all past Critique Club tutorials. There is also a monthly prompt design to stretch you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to create but you can work on whatever you like even if it doesn’t fit the theme of the prompt. I meet you where you are. Cost is $5 a month. If you want to level up your skills as an artist please have a look and see if it would benefit you. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sunday & My November Art Goal!

  1. Love the Iris in oil paints better than watercolor. I did the watercolor one & quite pleased with how it turned out, but your oil is really beautiful. I don’t want to distract myself learning to do oils so I’ll be popping in only occasionally. I love your diversity & all that you offer to all of us students. You are a great teacher.


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  2. I am just learning how to paint with watercolors. I’m amazed by how you can move between mediums. I saw the iris in watercolor and now the iris in oils. Even though you used the same subject for both paintings, I can see that the different paints, bring out different elements of the iris. Thanks for your inspiration! ….Mischelle

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  3. You’re amazing Lindsay! I love your work and all the fantastic tutorials you do 😊🤗 Marika (your northern neighbor)

    On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 7:28 PM The Frugal Crafter Blog wrote:

    > thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich posted: ” Hi friends! I really enjoyed > participating in, and finishing, Inktober this year even tho some days I > didn’t feel that motivated to do my daily drawing. That said I always felt > better once I started drawing. I thought I would be relieved once I drew my > ” >


  4. I’ve decided to take one-month sessions and work in a single medium. I love the oil iris and avocado and may work along with you. Will you be filming the rest of your 20 paintings??!


  5. Hey Lindsay, I think you’re amazing!! For your Watercolor Iris, you said you used Sap Green, I used a sap green from QOR and it looked nothing like yours. Then I tried with a Winsor Newton and it was more on track. does this color variation happen often? Not that my painting turned out, but the color was more of a dark olive green.


    1. they varywith mixed colors but not as much with single pigment color. Each manufaturer makes their own recipe for sap green, in Sennelier and W&N their olive greens look more like other brands sap green. For single pigment colors like yellow ocher and ultramarine the variation is barely noticeable. Use your gut:)


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