Inktober 2019 Wrap Up! How did I do?

Hi friends! I did it, 31 drawings in 31 days! I am so glad I finished Inktober this year because I noticed improvement from day 1 to day 31. You can see the drawing in today’s video and learn a bit about the process. It’s long and chatty so be forewarned:)

I kept to my theme of drawing hands and also went with the Inktober prompts. With those strict guidelines I allowed myself some leeway with the supplies I used. They all contained some ink even if it was just a scant outline. Here are my go-to supplies but others were used as well.

My inktober supplies:

Here are the sketches I did this week. You can see week 1 sketches here, week 2 sketches here, week 3 sketches here and week 4 sketches here.

Day 28 prompt “Ride” I use black fine-liner and watercolors with colored pencil accents on this.

Day 29 “Injured” This was alcohol marker, black fine liner and pen and colored pencil accents.

Day 30 “Catch I wanted to do a mystical scene (catch a falling star meets crystal ball fortune teller) I used fine-liner to outline my hand sketch and ball and painted the background with 2 layers of black watercolor, then lifted out smaller circles and added metallic watercolors and flicked on metallic watercolors for the background. I used watercolors, colored pencil and metallic watercolors on the hand. I like to draw watches, several of my hands were wearing watches, I rarely wear a watch tho LOL!

Day 31 “Ripe” I drew a smelly sock (hubby’s idea!) but I wish I went with more of an athletic looking sock and used wavy lines rather than swirly flourishes for the stink-lines. I had to add flies to make sure I got the “stink” across. I used alcohol markers with colored pencil and acrylic pen accents.

I had to take a day off after Inktober and honestly I felt a bit of a let down not having a challenge to work on so I decided for November I am going to do a mini oil painting a day. I used to paint in oils all the time and I have loads of small canvas panels. Maybe some of them will be nice enough to give as Christmas gifts. I think I will shoot for 5 days a week, not every day because I would really like to take a day off per week. If you have been wanting to challenge yourself and grow as an artist I highly recommend trying a monthly challenge. There are so many to find online. If you would like to join a small group of artists that are growing their skills and get feedback from me on your current work check out my Critique Club and see if that is right for you. We would love to have you!

Did you do inktober? Let me know what you think below and til next time keep creating!

13 thoughts on “Inktober 2019 Wrap Up! How did I do?

  1. Happy Saturday Lindsay I’m in love with all you inktber art work thank so much for sharing them my favorite are the hands think and his cousin from the addram family 😂

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  2. Happy Saturday Lindsay I’m in love with all you inktber art work thank so much for sharing them my favorite are the hands think and his cousin from the addram family 😂

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  3. You look fab. I wish I could draw. I can do trees only. I loved, loved, loved your hands. My goal this winter is to practice drawing all types of trees.

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  4. Amazing and a lot of work. You deserve a rest! On another note, but more work, have you thought of doing an acrylic art course? I am a beginner in all mediums, but would love to learn more about acrylics. Thanks!

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    1. Hi Susan,
      I haven’t because I don’t work in acrylics much, I don’t really enjoy them other than backgrounds for oils or craft projects. I like acrylic paint pen in mixed media but straight acrylic painting doesn’t jibe with my workflow. I think to teach you have to love the materials you use. I am sure there are wonderful acrylic courses out there tho!


  5. You have really good skills. I enjoyed looking at all of your hands. There was a lot of imagination and creativity required to come with a subject to match the prompt daily. I did some drawings for Inktober, taking off only Sundays. The experience definitely helped my drawing skill and my confidence as an artist.

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  6. Your hands are all fantastic, and I think it was so smart of you to link your goal of drawing hands everyday to the Inktober prompts! I did Inktober too, but most of my drawings were done in 15 minutes or so, to keep the daily challenge from becoming overwhelming. My 11 yr old grandson loved seeing the daily drawings, and by the end of the month I convinced him to do the Doodlewash Novemeber challenge with me and he is! I am so excited to be sharing this experience with him!

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  7. Lindsay, I love the way you approached learning hands. What a great example you are. I went back thru all the drawings, you are able to see improvement, but I I think #1 & #31 are equally great. I do see all the different poses, & the foreshortening & hidden fingers & wrinkles & the nails & men & women hands. Your last one with bicycle I’m so impressed with metal & detail of the handle bars (my favorite part).

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  8. Wow, those hands are fabulous! I know hands are not easy to draw. You are such an inspiration Lindsay. Thank you.


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