Paint With Me at the Stream! Fall Foliage in Maine Paint Along!

Hi friends! Today you can paint on location during peak fall foliage without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Here is the photo I took where I painted.

Grab your supplies and paint with me! Please let me know if you would like more on location paint-alongs. I can try to get out a bit more before it gets too cold:)


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Not sure if you are ready for a class? Check out what these Watercolor Landscape Workshop students had to say:

Lindsay, I have taken classes in acrylics, watercolor, and even some in oils, all over the country. Your classes are by far the very best!! I enjoy how thoroughly and patiently you explain every step. I have had no formal training in any of these areas, so I really do appreciate that I can always be successful while having fun with your tutorials!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents as an artist and as a teacher!


Hi Lindsay! For the first time, taking your class my clouds look like CLOUDS! They are not perfect but I’m loving your instructions. Especially the use of color. Great techniques and using the correct pigments together make a huge difference. Thank you! Can’t wait to progress along with the landscapes. Also I wanted to add that I am learning so much from you! Like for example how to watch the video and then allow myself to flow and work quickly! Not to overthink! And I love it! You are an awesome teacher of good technique! Thank you for sharing your skills!

-Stacy Simon

Very excited about this Watercolor Landscape Class. I LOVE your classes and free tutorials!! So fun continuing to learn about watercolor. You are the best teacher and so carefully explain techniques that a beginner can easily follow. These paintings are beautiful! 

-Crystal Neuendorf

I enjoyed all of these it helps to understand an order to how to do things Also the mixing and having the colors limited. I started water coloring about 3 years ago I think and have thoroughly enjoyed doing things but I want to include the beautiful world around me and thought this would help. I think it will thank you so much. You are a terrific instructor and I follow u on you tube.

-Noreen Latimer

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I hope you enjoyed the on-location painting today! I sure did. Sometimes it’s hard to give ourselves permission to do something just for ourselves but it is so important to feed our creative side. It might be something as simple as making a cup of tea, lighting a candle and giving yourself an hour to paint or inviting a friend over for a crafty afternoon. That one is great because you might cancel on yourself but you wouldn’t a friend and it’s good for your friendships too! As someone who works from home I know how important is is to spend time with people and creative people are the best! I sincerely thank you for spending time with me today, it is because of you I decided to paint on location (it was too pretty out not to share it with my painty peeps!) so do me a favor and spend sometime doing something you love:) Happy painting!

4 thoughts on “Paint With Me at the Stream! Fall Foliage in Maine Paint Along!

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Thank you for inspiring me to paint outside. Thank you for taking us outside to enjoy watching you paint and seeing your beautiful Maine and the beautiful nature that is there for you and others to enjoy.
    Your new hair style is lovely. Your dog must have enjoyed the time spent with you.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
    God bless. Take care.

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  2. What a gorgeous spot for a paint-a-long! From the quieting sound of the flowing water to the colors of the season and the perfect scene to paint (great camera work too) this is just a real treat. thank you so much! Of course, more like this would be sensational.!

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  3. Dearest Lindsay. I so look forward to hearing from you . I get my coffee, sit down , put my legs up and enjoy your post. I love your new cut and color by the way. Adorable. Thanks for sharing your life and love of painting with us. I have been a loyal watcher for years and you are the best. Have a wonderful fall and holiday season. Hugs. Hilary

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