From White Cardstock to WOW!

Hi friends! It’s nice to go back to basics and what’s more basic than white cardstock. It’s a staple in every card-makers repertoire. Plus it’s not showy. If you are going to spend the time on fancy coloring of a stamped image you don’t want it to be upstaged by pattern paper, am I right?

Today we will use white card stock, some embossing folders and chalk to make these pretty Christmas cards. I did use scraps of red and green cardstock too but you could easily keep it all white and chalk it as well. For more info watch the video!

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Hey, if you are not ready to get your Christmas craft on I totally understand, use these techniques on a Halloween card or whatever you like. You do you. Happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Great ideas and so cute!
    Question: Have you ever made a DIY stamp positioner tool?
    Thanks for sharing your many talents.
    Take care.


    • I made one like a stampamajig from legos (a corner plus a clear sheet) and my friend Jody made me a hinged one from a thin clear hubless DVD jewel case. I don’t use either of them really, occasionally m stampamajig for lining up stuff perfectly.


  2. They are very cute.


  3. I love the quilt background with the piggie in a blanket so cozy and fun !


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