Easy Koi Fish Watercolor Real-Time Tutorial

Hi friends! Today I wanted to paint a light and delicate koi fish painting!

Many times I am after this look but the paint gets heavy and I am not thrilled with the outcome. I think I managed to keep it light without overworking it. This fun video will take you less than 30 minutes and some supplies you probably have on hand. Let’s paint!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

A favor to ask…

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14 Responses

  1. This painting really caught my eye! LOVE it 🙂


  2. Hello Lindsay.
    I love your tutorials. Keep on being you 😉 You have such a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing with us. Please don’t let the negative nellies bring you down. (easier said than done) You have really helped me in my watercolor journey, I love your enthusiasm for your art and for life.
    You’re an amazing person.

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  3. I was intrigued to watch you paint with your Sumi brush. I have one that I used 20 years ago to paint some calligraphy, but haven’t touched it since. Your video encourages me to try using this brush to paint in watercolors and ink.

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  4. Hi Lindsay. I can’t decide what I liked more. The pen and ink leaving it b&w with shades of grey or with the color. Both are quite lovely. Good to see someone using the dip pens I have. Thought I was just impaired in their use but see they skip and scratch just as much as when I use them.😁

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  5. Need to be able to pin your stuff to save please add a pin


  6. Hi, I’m sorry you felt depressed I really like your presentations :-)Thank you for all the variety of mediums that you use. Have a good weekend!


  7. Hi Lindsay, I too can’t decide which I like better, the b&w or color version. Both are gorgeous! And I agree….keep being you. People can step away freely at any time. If they choose to stay and criticize or “correct” and try to run your life it tells you all you need to know about how miserable and empty their lives are. Thanks for taking the time to share all these tutorials! It makes my day to find a new one or one I haven’t watched.


  8. This painting looks really cool and I can’t wait to try making it while following your tutorial once I get the supplies to try it!


  9. My dear teacher,I would love to share your gentle, loving teachings however I am not sure how to your benefit…seems as I finally catch up with one UPdate, I fall further behind.I like to look at Pinterest, Facebook seems full of …well…very few companies and people I would
    welcome in my life. Most of real friends I I communicate with are so crafty that I would always suggest they go to your blog…is that a mistake?


  10. nice, thanks for sharing


  11. nice work!


  12. Do you still have your tutorials available that you posted about at this link? https://youtu.be/IW59wqMnVnk If so, I am interested in them. Thank you, Trina


    • Thanks for asking about them! I plan on adding them to my online classes in the future but I do not have them for sale at the moment.


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