I’m Trying Something New Today…

Hi friends! Have you ever been working on a watercolor and you have nice definition and contrast and then the next thing you know you have a hot mess blur of colors and shapes? Today I am going to share a technique that can help you avoid that! And you get to paint this beautiful lady!

We will do out under-painting value painting (think of it like a pencil drawing with shading or a monochrome) with a product that will be permanent. I am using Dr. Ph Martins Acrylic ink but you can use any water-based medium that dries permanent such as India ink, thinned down acrylic paint or Inktense pencils/blocks/pans. I bet you could use permanent markers too however you would need a large range of shades of one color and they tend to get used up quickly on watercolor paper (and it can fray the nibs) so it wouldn’t be my first choice.

The reason I wanted to have such a solid defined structure to this painting is so we can go to town with granulating paints. You can amp them up with some granulation medium too but if you don’t have any use some salt water (literally, water and table you have at home) and it will give a similar effect.

Keep in mind your earthier, duller colors will tend to granulate more, look for colors that are made with minerals rather than synthetic pigments and dyes for the best effect. You will get the best granulation if you have very wet paper and paint and you let it air dry. For some reason using a heat took lessens the effect of the pigment separation.

Enjoy the video, I tried something a little different with this one and I really hope you like it and if you do please tell a friend!

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