Sketching Poppy Pods in Pastel Pencils

Hi friends! My sister shared some of the poppy pods that went to seed in her garden so that I could try to grow some at my house. She says they will grow anywhere but with my black thumb I think I will have better luck drawing them!

I did toss them at the edge of the woods in my backyard where there is a lot of sun so hopefully next year I will have some lovely pink and red poppies! You can find the real-time lesson for this tutorial here in Critique Club if you are interested.

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If you liked the look of this drawing and are interested in pastel I have an online pastel class you might like called Soft Pastel for Beginners. It takes you through the various types of pastels (pencils, sticks, pan pastels) and guides you through the techniques so you can get started off on the right foot! Click here to enroll or learn more! Happy Sketching!

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