Comparing 2 paints of vastly different price points…

Hi friends, I just saw Arteza has come out with an artist-grade acrylic and I wondered how it compared to the student grade (AKA premium) paint I have been using for a while. My general opinion of Arteza products is that you get a bit more than you pay for and seeing these new expert acrylic paints with a higher price tag piqued my interest. Are the worth double or triple the price of the premium paints I have been enjoying all along? I will compare the premium tubes and pouches to the expert paints in today’s video!

FYI: Arteza products come in 3 levels: Classic-children’s grade, Premium-Student grade and Expert-Artist/professional grade. I have used many of their premium and expert products and they all live up to the claims.


Affiliate links to the products I mention. If shopping at Arteza website you can use the coupon code PROMO10 FOR 10% off. I also linked to Amazon because sometimes the price can vary between sites.

Characteristics of the premium acrylics:
*Semi-gloss sheen
*Bright colors
*High tinting strength.
*Colors mix well
*Large range of colors to choose from
*Some colors are semi-transparent due to pigments used and gloss-addition of mediums and perhaps extenders.
*soft body consistency
Price is between .03 and .07 cents per ml

Characteristics of the expert range
*Matte to Satin finish (Browns and black are a bit shinier)
*Heavy body consistency
*Great tinting strength
*colors mix cleanly
*Available in 12 colors (good mixing range)
*Costs .15 cents per ml

Differences: I noticed that the expert paint went further in a stroke and have more solid uniform coverage where some colors in the premium range could be streaky and need another coat. The matte finish of the Expert paint is a difference as well but I think is more about personal preference than a quality issue. I also noticed that even though they kept the names and color numbers consistent they did use different pigments in 4 of the expert colors but the crimson was the only one that looked different swatched out.

Bottom line:
This 12 color set would last a while and you could learn to paint and mix colors without hindrance however the premium paint is still really good at half to a third of the price. If you are someone who preferred to have a lot of colors to play with go for the premium, you can’t beat it. I think learning to mix colors might be easier with the limited palette of the Expert 12 color set tho. I like the big pouches myself because I tend to mix colors if I am painting and when I am working on crafts or furniture I like to have a large amount because I go through it. Choose what is right for you, it’s all good:) I’ll say the best value per ml is the premium tubes if the smaller tubes are useful to you.

One thing I forgot to mention is light fastness and both the premium and expert ranges had great light fast ratings so you shouldn’t worry too much about fading in either product. Which would you pick? Til next time happy crafting!

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