Something I drew on Vacation…

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s August already? Crazy huh? I have been busy since I got back from my week off but unfortunately I don’t have something completed, instead I have about 4 projects in the middle in various stages of drying, setting up or curing so today I thought I’d share a drawing of a mushroom I did on vacation:

I used my Inktense pencils (those have been way too neglected) and a few Prismacolors and a white gel pen. My sketchbook is Stillman & Birn Beta Series mixed media. I really like how it turned out. Honestly I didn’t do too much art on vacation. I read, relaxed and played with my family (including our new puppy Penny) most of the time. I really needed to recharge!

A couple of fun things to note!

  • Tomorrow (8/2/19) I will be at Accents on Harlow Street in Downtown Bangor from 5-8pm for the first Friday artwalk, Hope to see some local peeps there!
  • The new monthly prompt is up in Critique Club, it’s all about setting and achieving art goals. You can find in in the curriculum if you are a member and if you want to join you can do so here.
  • I am working on several new craft projects to share soon. I got such a wonderful response with my “10 Boho Jewelry Designs” video that I decided to put up a few more craft tutorials as folks were missing that kind of thing. Stay tuned for that!

I hope August is treating you kindly and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Beautiful!


  2. so amazing!!


  3. beautiful
    glad you enjoyed yourself Lindsay


  4. Very realist drawing, great talent!


  5. I enjoy all the jewelry tutorials as well, even though that’s not my thing. And it’s inspired me to try my hand at it a tiny bit!! So I was glad to see that video on BoHo jewelry making. I also miss the videos where you do homemade, cheaper versions of things that are on the market. Thanks for all you do. You are my favorite YouTube personality.


  6. Wow! This looks so real. I had to expand it to believe it wasn’t actually the real mushroom you were using as inspiration. Wonderful job!


  7. that mushroom is so pretty. will there be a tutorial on that. pls. )))


  8. I can’t see you painting the mushroom. All I see are ads!


    • I didn’t film a video on this, I drew it on vacation:) Unfortunately I can’t control the ads (nor am I paid for them) I use the free wordpress blogging platform so they put ads up to pay for the bandwidth I guess.


  9. Love this drawing. Can you do a tutorial please. I love colored pencils. Nice job.


  10. What an unbelievable likeness that mushroom is! Awesome is the word! Thanks for sharing it.


  11. Very real looking mushroom.. Is this a video somewhere?? Love this..


  12. Amazing! That makes me want to try it out myself too! Did you just draw with the Inktense or also apply water? I never thought about combining Inktense with colored pencils … was it because you needed a color you had in Prismacolors the Inktense didn’t have?


    • I drew and colored in intense, added water and then added Prismacolor highlights and shadows if needed:) I only had a small set of prismas with me:)


  13. I love this!


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