Gettin Figgy With it!

Hi friends! Today for Sketchbook Sunday I have a fig!

You can see how I painted it in today’s time-lapse video. The real time version is up in Critique Club if you are interested:)

Supplies (Affiliate links Used)

I hope you are having a great Sunday and ti next time happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Gettin Figgy With it!

  1. What a wonderful painting! Now I know what that palette is good for: botanical paintings. I LOVE cute tiny things and would like to have one too, especially because porcelain is the absolute best material. But I will never be able to fill those teeny pans as tidy as you did. I’m even a mess filling half-pans and they are gigantic compared to these!

    Maybe one day they will sell the same palette a bit larger or with less pans so each pan can be larger. I’d need to arrange my colors according to the Schmincke broshure though or else I’d get mixed up all the time. You can view it online:

    I think it makes sense that way, the bright colors on the edge like on a color wheel and the closer they get to the middle the more they are mixed with their complements. I could never put that to use because my palettes are the usual kinds with pans in a row. I wish I could have had this one when I started color mixing, it would have helped me a lot to understand what I’m doing.

    Your fig painting makes me want to get my Mission Golds out, buy a fig and a tiny brush and give it a try myself!

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