Cute & Sassy Cards with Questionable Embellishments (And what’s with the warning on the Distress Oxide Sprays?)

Hi friends! After spending all day cleaning, prepping and repainting out the main bathroom (A task I was sure would take 3 hours max, #OptimistProblems) I decided to create a mess, er, I mean batch of cards!


I had been looking forward to using my new Distress Oxide sprays since I bought a bunch at the Heirloom stamp show but I had so many viewers contact me concerned about a warning on the bottle:


When I got the first comment I didn’t think anything of it. There are gratuitoius warnings on all kinds of crafting products because companies want to save money on packaging and absolve themselves of any liability especially when their products are made in China. One big craft company even put the warnings on paper packs! After a few more comments and emails I started to take the threat a little more seriously after all Ranger makes their products in the USA so if they are putting this warning on their products knowing what exactly is going into them I started to get worried. I contacted my friend Rich (Aka The Spin Doctor on YouTube) who is a legit scientist what he thought. *I am hoping he will write a blog post on this and if he does I will link to it.  After sharing many scientific citations of the effects of spraying Ti01 (titanium dioxide which is the potentially questionable chemical in this spray) I asked him if it was safer than Bacon (cured meats are a class 2a carcinogen) and he said, yes, it is safer than bacon and alcohol. Essentially the danger could come with breathing in the vapor. The risk of this is low as it is a pump spray and the drop are heavy as opposed to a fine aerosol mist. Obviously, don’t spray it in your face and open a window and if any risk makes you uncomfortable don’t use it.  The product conforms to ASTM D-4236 which means that all of the potentially hazardous components of the art product have been clearly labeled on the product packaging. Since there is no CL label and it doesn’t even state what the potentially dangerous chemical is I take it to be safe and the label is only there to satisfy the CA Prop 65 labeling requirements or a potential threat. But, hey, I’m no scientist.  I feel comfortable using it and I just wanted to put out what I found for you to determine what you want to do. Ranger says “wear a mask” if you are uncomfortable but Tim Holtz did not wear one when demoing at Creativation so I think I’m OK without one. I think there needs to be some clarity on health warning on art materials. ASTM is the best system so far. I think companies fearful of lawsuits are over warning which is making most of us ignore all of them. What do you think?

OK, enough drama, let’s make cards!

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The general consensus on youtube was that the stickers were a bit much on these cards. Anyone else out there embellishment challenged? I think I need to start my design with embellishments in mind, otherwise, I get the dreaded “sticker sneeze” on my cards LOL! Ah well, no one ever rejected a card because of an ill-advised sticker. You do you and til next time happy crafting!