Lobster Head Painting // Sketchbook Sunday!

Hello, friends and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Today I am sketching a lobster head my daughter found on the beach last weekend:


Morbid or cool? What do you think? You can see how the painting come together in today’s sketchbook Sunday Video!

The coloring was perfect for the very granular Daniel Smith Primatek paints I picked up on Amazon a couple of months ago. I also used a yellow ocher watercolor from my Paul Rubens palette. This was painted on Paul Rubens hot press block. I used a variety of rounds and 1/4″ angle. *Amazon affiliate links used.

I enjoy painting subjects from life whenever I can. The next time you find something interesting or unusual try painting it! Til next time happy crafting!

PS Everything is back to normal in my teachable school and I am caught up on comments as of Sunday at 10am ET. Everything has been working fine for 24 hours so if you have been waiting to upload artwork you are fine to do so now:) Thank you for your patience!


10 thoughts on “Lobster Head Painting // Sketchbook Sunday!

  1. I don’t think it’s morbid at all!
    I bet nobody really takes a close look at objects like that without painting or drawing it. All those wonderful colors, who would have expected them to be on a lobster shell?! What a good idea!

    When I started portrait drawing class ages ago our teacher let us draw a skull! I was horrified at first but soon was engulfed in sketching details I never knew we have on our heads .. also it was calming to know that skull would never complain our drawings were disappointing. Some of the models we had didn’t actually SAY anything but they sure looked aghast once in a while. That skull was quite patient about it.


  2. I love It! Very cool. As a former biology teacher, I love the details of nature and the colors and nuances are perfect. You captured it all at its best! As you have told us so many times to sketch and paint what we see…that’s the only way to get better. I now live in Tennessee, but use to live in New England….what I wouldn’t give for a lobster roll right now!! 😂


  3. Hey Lindsay – it might have been a moult – I see them all the time when I SCUBA dive around rocky shore-lines.


  4. When I saw the newsletter title I thought, No, she isn’t. She can’t be painting on a lobster’s head. Lol. That is such an excellent study of a lobster head. A predator must have chomped on it. parted it at the segmented section.. It wasn’t cooked or it would have not been it’s natural colors.


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