Painting on the Point! Paint a coastal Maine scene with me!

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Last weekend we went to Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor Maine. The weather was lovely and the crowds were small! I was able to do a bit of sketching on location and took lots of photos as well.


Today we will paint this coastal scene in a vibrant, expressionistic way. I will show you some fun techniques and show you how to bring order to a “hot mess” chaotic landscape! Watched the video, relax and paint along! Feel free to speed up, slow down or pause the video if you need to. Enjoy the painting process!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

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5 thoughts on “Painting on the Point! Paint a coastal Maine scene with me!

  1. Thanks for a great tutorial. I was mesmerized. And I learned a lot of different techniques/tools to work with. Yes, our Maine coast can be quite wild!


  2. Beautiful!! I didn’t even see the video yet!! Looks like it will be so much fun to learn to paint! Thanks so much for telling us about the technically problem with our classes.. No worries from me i can wait as long as it takes.. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you did this one! Schoodic is just a 20 minute drive away for us and I go at least once a week during the summer. Maybe now, after this, I will feel brave enough to bring my paints along this year.


  4. I am looking forward to doing this! It is such beautiful scenery! I have been to Maine several times and really enjoyed the vacations there! Thanks Lindsay. Hugs going your way!


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